November 29, 2018

The Backconnect Proxy: Empowering Big Data For Big Profits


21st Century enterprises now recognize the power of Big Data to boost profits, develop new sales pipelines, and develop and maintain a competitive edge in today’s highly contested online business environments. In any business, the mantra “time is money” has always been a core fundamental, and this vital rule of thumb hasn’t changed when it applies to the gathering, collating, and analyzing of Big Data for use by the enterprise’s decision-makers.

Effective SaaS and cloud-based SEO applications can drive traffic and increase conversions in a way which can level the playing field for startups who no longer need to lay out huge initial capital investments for expensive IT hardware onsite. Established SMBs need to stay current on pricing to maintain their competitive edge and foster robust growth, and it’s not as if there is any choice in the matter.

The business value of data from web scraping and Big Data analytics in today’s digital environment has forced the issue. Any enterprise which chooses not to avail themselves of this critical business information can rest assured that their rivals certainly will, and relying on human resources alone to keep up to speed in the hyper-dynamic Big Data world of internet business is like entering a golf cart in the Grand Prix. You can’t win.

That said, many who recognize the value of Big Data and venture into the world of web scraping will find that the doors to the data they need are not left wide open. Many websites and search engines take sophisticated defensive measures to safeguard the data they contain and identifying a single IP as the source of a torrent of web crawling bots and queries is the first line of defense. The highest levels of anonymity and security are essential for any advanced data scraping operation.  In this post, the experts at ProxyRack take a detailed look at just how a backconnect proxy can optimize advanced SaaS and Big Data applications with unsurpassed levels of anonymity while enhancing the power of advanced Big Data software with the sheer power of numbers.

Proxies as an Essential Business Tool

Businesses today have at their disposal armies of automated information gathering bots thanks to advanced SaaS, all primed and ready to crawl the web and root out the most pertinent business data such as competitors’ pricing, customer preferences, and market trends. Today’s Big Data applications search and acquire precisely targeted consumer contact information that can make the “cold” sales lead an anachronism of the past. If your niche business manufactures pink 3-legged stools, web scraping can find the exact consumers who are looking for and purchasing pink 3-legged stools. Big Data applications can show you what your competitors are charging for their version of the products, online reviews from consumers, seasonal market trends, and the leading geo-locations for developing the most lucrative sales pipelines.

Of course, the websites being scraped are aware of the value of their information as well and take defensive measures to block it, and identifying the IP which is the source of queries plays a key role in that defense. Game on. It’s a case of go with a proxy or go home. But as we’ll find, for advanced Big Data applications, all proxies are not created equal.

 Residential Proxy Limitations

Web scraping applications have become irreplaceable tools for accomplishing the ambitious business tasks we discussed above, but there are limitations which are too frequently discovered the hard way soon after the data collecting bot army has already been deployed to the information battlefield. A single residential proxy does a fine job of masking the user’s IP address and preserving anonymity, but defensive measures at the target websites and search engines can still block access simply based on the sheer number or type of queries coming from the IP of that particular proxy over time.

Getting your IP address blocked is one of the most common obstacles faced in data scraping operations, and the banning may not occur until hours into the process when the data stream is lost not to mention the loss of precious business hours invested. Applications can’t function with incomplete data, and there are various red flags which can trigger an IP ban including:

  • Multiple identical queries coming in simultaneously
  • Multiple queries coming from a geo-location specified as irrelevant by the site
  • Multiple queries coming from a single web browser
  • Queries using known high risk or flagged terms
  • Sequential IPs requesting repeated access

A residential proxy is comprised of a single unit which acts as the middleman, forwarding and retrieving data with different referrers and headers. They are very beneficial for preserving anonymity and security for casual browsing but they are not the optimal tool for advanced web scraping applications. Data is sent from point A to point B, and every outgoing connection comes out as point B. This is where the rotating residential proxy plays a role.

Adding more residential proxies, say B, C, and D which rotate as the IP source, still leaves a definable footprint which is easily recognized as website accesses continue to go through a discernable B, C, D rotation. This can cause a search engine to automatically require a “captcha” signature for all actions or trigger a ban on the IP, bringing the web scraping process to a grinding halt.

The rotating pool of a small number of available residential IPs is only a partial solution. As we’ll see, the backconnect proxy takes the rotating IP concept a giant step farther. If we think of the Big Data stream as analogous to water flow, the residential proxy is the average garden hose (prone to kinks) while the backconnect proxy is the powerful and far more reliable firehose, built for full stream high-pressure performance.

Backconnect Proxy Advantages For Big Data Applications

The backconnect proxy is the rotating residential IP concept on steroids. Backconnect proxies are much more than the residential proxy unit accessing and forwarding data by rotating the IP with a limited and easily detectable number of addresses. Backconnect proxies are configured specifically to serve the demanding requirements of Big Data applications, comprised of a multitude of different machines and configurations linked together in a private network. From 50 to 500,000 proxies can all be linked together to form the single gateway known as the backconnect proxy.

Obviously, that multitude of IPs is the key advantage here. Rather than limiting the query sources to B, C, and D, websites and search engines see queries originating from a multitude of individual and separately geo-located points provided by the backconnect proxy network. Every connection is made from a different IP address, accessing the website from a unique connection point to keep data flowing without triggering red flag actions from the website. The only limitation to the power of the backconnect proxy is the number of accessible IP addresses available from the proxy provider.

At ProxyRack we can provide access to upwards of 1,250,000 IP addresses in 40 different countries including the US, UK, Australia, Russia, and Europe. For now. We are still continually growing our IP structure to allow for dynamic scaling of HTTP and SOCKS requests. While standard residential proxies do provide a good level of anonymity for the average browser, the backconnect proxy provides advantages for advanced users including:

  • Increased Anonymity-With the multitude of servers working in the backconnect proxy network your true IP will be virtually invisible.
  • Better Security-  The backconnect proxy connects you through servers located in a variety of different countries, all of which provide layers between you and any malicious content or bad actors.
  • No Rate Limits- The numerous available rotating IPs eliminate rate limits, allowing web scraping and crawling software to perform more effectively, optimizing the power of the software.
  • Significantly More Search Requests- The search engine or web page being accessed percieves the requests as coming from a variety of different access points instead of a central IP port significantly reducing the chances of being blocked. The rotating proxies allow you to issue more search requests with a single command.
  • Access Geo-Restricted Locations- Go around geo-IP content restrictions.
  • No footprints- The continually changing IPs leave virtually no detectable footprint so you don’t have to worry about having your IP blocked for future web scraping or crawling activities. This is important in competitive markets where repeated data collection is required to keep up to speed with business competitors and continuously changing market trends.

Speed and Backconnect Proxies

Generally, the power of the multitude of rotating IPs networked together in a backconnect proxy allows a greater number of requests per minute. This eliminates the delays between requests which can occur with a standard proxy server. From the perspective that you can collect more data in a shorter time with a single command, the speed of the backconnect proxy is a significant advantage for Big Data applications.

That said, there is the other element of speed to be considered, that of broadband connections. All of the advantages of the multitude of residential IPs available in the backconnect proxy outweigh the inherent fluctuations in broadband speed which can occur with the varying quality of the proxies in the residential IP pool. Some connections may be lightning fast while others tend to be slower due to variations in normal broadband connections in different locations around the world. To minimize these speed fluctuations it’s important to choose an industry-leading provider such as ProxyRack which has an enormous pool of high-quality residential proxies available to optimize performance in the backconnect proxy rotation.

Applications For Backconnect Proxies

Any business conducting advanced online operations can benefit from the power provided by the backconnect proxy. These include:

  • SaaS applications
  • SEO software
  • web scraping
  • data mining
  • whois requests

These advanced applications are rarely “one and done” operations. Even the most advanced Big Data software is useless when your IP has been banned. Effective SEO programs require continuous deployment and monitoring to ensure SERP ranking is maintained. Web scraping and data mining bots must have reliable access in order to keep you abreast of changing business environments and Whois requests to develop pertinent contact information are all ongoing processes requiring repetitive access to the relevant sources on the web. The backconnect proxy can take anonymity, security, and scalability to unsurpassed levels to ensure that your data is available in a predictably consistent stream whenever you need it.

 Proxy Rack For Big Data Software

Most traditional proxy services allow you to purchase just a limited number of proxies, perhaps up to just 25, and they won’t change until the end of the month. That could be a severe handicap for Big Data operations conducted on an ongoing daily basis. At Proxy Rack we’ve set ourselves apart from traditional proxy services by accommodating the Big Data demands of today’s business applications by offering access to 100,000 unique IP addresses daily, and more than 1,250,000 unique monthly IP addresses. That means you spend your time collecting and analyzing your Big Data to boost profits and grow your business, rather than working around the delays caused by incomplete or inaccessible data from a blocked or banned IP.

Multifunction Rotating Ports

Our multifunction rotating ports assign a new random unique IP on every connection or thread your software uses. You can also use the 10-minute rotating port to complete a sequence of requests from the same IP address. We don’t use any public proxies whatsoever, all IP addresses are exclusively private to ensure that your true IP address is never leaked. All of our plans include access to all of our available unique IP addresses, and we support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols that work with all existing software. You can choose from 50 simultaneous connections with our Standard Plan, 100 connections with the Elite Plan, and the ultimate 200 connections available with our Guru Plan. All three of our rotating residential IP plans include unmetered bandwidth and are backed by a 14-day money back guarantee.

If your business is ready to embrace the benefits of Big Data you’ll need the advantages that one of the largest private proxy services available to the public can provide, and getting started is just a click away. Buy proxies today!