August 19, 2017

The Current Best Digital Nomad Bags for 2017

A digital nomad needs a great bag to accompany him on his day to day journey and keeps his important gadgets, things and travel essentials wherever he goes. But what makes a perfect bag for digital nomads?

Convenience matters so a great bag should suit the lifestyle of digital nomads. It should be able to provide comfort, access, and expediency without hassles.

There are numerous bags in the market but there are only a few brands and models that surpass the standards set by digital nomads in conformity with their requirements and necessities. Listed below are the current best digital nomad bags for 2017.

Roving Work Roamer

Website: https://www.rovingwork.com.au/products/roamer

The Roamer bag is a proud quality product of Roving Work and is perfect for nomads and mobile workers because of its features and design which conforms to the Roving Work’s “working out of the bag” concept.

This 270mm x 420mm x 165mm “on the go” bag can accommodate your work necessities of up to 13.6L. Its capacity and convenience have been made possible through its 900D polyester which encompasses its exterior while its 600D polyester interior.

Roamer has been smartly profiled in a semi triangular pattern through its integrated semi-rigid frame to ensure that the bag will keep its standing upright position even when laid carelessly.

Organization and Compartments

Roamer uses an easy to access interior layout design to allow its user to see its contents effortlessly.

A4 Document Pad Pocket

Tablet Pocket

Layered Interior Pockets

Large Main Compartment

Left Side pockets for sunglasses and eyeglasses

Right Side Pockets for Pens, Pencils, and Markers

Hidden Pockets covered with see through mesh materials for chargers and other USB cables.

Private Front Pocket for easier accessibility to personal items

Front Flap Opening

Roamer’s front flap opening allows you to access your valuables and other work-related stuff inside your bag even when you’re carrying it. Just unzip your bag, flip the cover and pull out your stuff.

Easy to see interior layout

Roamer uses an intricate yet smart design which allows you to store and organize your things in an easy to see pattern. Most compartments were meticulously crafted in a mid-high level so that the compartments will securely hold your valuables while maintaining optimum accessibility.

Felt Lined Laptop pocket

Roamer allows you to securely keep your laptop in its felt lined pocket which allows you to easily access your laptop during airport security clearance.

Hand carry band or sling carry strap

Roamer comes with a built-in hand carry band and a 2 inch naturally webbed strap. Both are created using thickly layered profile for added durability and thin webbed material for enhanced comfort and optimum airflow.


  • Front flap opening for efficient accessibility.
  • Easy to see interior layout for organization and easy access.
  • It has numerous pouches and pockets for accessories and chargers.


  • Limited storage space
  • Exclusively for short business trips

Henty Co-Pilot Messenger

Website: https://henty.cc/shop/copilot-messenger-aus/

Henty Co-Pilot Messenger bag is specially crafted for travelers due to its multi-purpose suit and garment design. It comes in 56 x22 x 25 cm diameter when rolled and 56 x 101 cm when unrolled.

Co-Pilot Messenger is Henty’s new addition to their Commuter Range Series and can be used in multiple ways such as for traveling, commuting, cycling and it can be used by gym enthusiast, students, military, and walkers. You could also transform the bag to store your emergency kits.

Henty Co-Pilot Messenger bag has a spacious “suit and garment” interior designed to accommodate up to 2 sets of outfits for short travels, a removable 13-inch laptop pouch, and a spacious paper files slot.


It also has a 20 liters inner tube which can accommodate your toiletries, shoes, chargers and device connectors and other valuables. Plus, you can either roll the inner tube inside the messenger bag or use it separately; either way, it provides extra space for your belongings.

Pockets and Pouches

Co-pilot Messenger is built with semi-rigid vertical ribs derived from recycled materials from Tasmania which limits the bag’s diameter when fold and keeps your garments and suits crease-free. It also offers large exterior pockets and pouches where you can stuff your passport, travel documents, plane ticket, keys, earphones and other travel accessories.

Henty Co-Pilot Messenger bag also comes with reflective piping for visual attraction during night travels, webbing loop for bicycle, Henty coat hanger with rotating hook, and waterproof jacket with securely taped seams to protect your bag from water penetration.


Travel is made easy with Co-pilot’s multi strapping system which includes a cushioned shoulder strap integrated with an aluminum buckle, stabilization strap for walking and transporting, and leather hand handle for brief case style carry.


  • Its semi-rigid vertical ribs prevent potential creases on clothes.
  • Its inner tube can be used along with the bag or used separately.
  • Its aluminum buckle provides secure locking system.


  • The hanger is originally bent and will take some time to straighten itself up.
  • Fells cumbersome during plane travel.

Tortuga OutBreaker Backpack

Website: https://www.tortugabackpacks.com/products/outbreaker-travel-backpack

Tortuga indeed changes the standard concept of backpacks by providing an innovatively designed carrier that maximized backpack’s storage capacity. Tortuga aims to provide a carry-on bag with maximizes capacity eliminating the need to check in your baggage thus saves you time and money.

Referred to as the Wittercutter’s Best Carry-On travel bag, Tortuga Outbreaker is undeniably one of the best in terms of profile, capacity, and convenience.

The Outbreaker comes in two sizes, the 35L and 45L, which allows you to maximize your carry-on baggage space without the risk of checking in your luggage, pay hidden baggage charges and wait in the carousel till your baggage comes.


The Outbreaker is crafted using 4 layers of sailcloth material which is naturally durable, tear-proof and scuff-proof. It uses top-grade YKK zippers as its main locking system which keeps your valuables and necessities safe and secured inside.


Tortuga Outbreaker has a front flap opening which allows you to open your bag like a book and easily access your contents inside. It is designed with a large garment compartment with small stretchable zip-lock pockets on one side for your undergarments. It also has numerous pockets made from see through mesh materials which are strategically located at both ends of the bag; at the front and back layers. The padded and fleece lined laptop and tablet sleeves are partly hidden and situated at the opposite side of the garment compartment, allowing the garment compartment and meshed pocket protectively sandwich your laptop for added protection and cushioning system.  It also has added sleeves to accommodate your passport, travel document, ticket, pencil and pens and a key holder that makes your keys accessible.


In terms of convenience and security, Outbreak offers an excellent and comfortable travel with their adjustable cushioned torso strap, easy to secure midsection locking buckles and removable cushioned hip belt which practically removes 80% of shoulder weight and balances the weight distribution. All cushioning systems were crafted from premium grade Ariaprene quick dry foam which does not only adds padding into the straps and belt but also provides optimum breathability and allows maximum airflow.


  • Its adjustable straps were strategically materialized allowing you to readjust the bag according to your height.
  • Its material won’t stink and chafe even when exposed to extreme temperature.


  • Its sailcloth material is less durable and is prone to tear and wear.
  • The bag looks and feels bulky even when lightly packed.

Minaal Carry-On 2.0 Bag

Website: https://www.minaal.com/products/minaal-carry-on-bag

Minaal Carry-On 2.0 Bag literally offers more than enough space in a single and revolutionized carry-on backpack made from 600D core fabric for enhanced durability and longevity.


This 3.12 pounds lightweight beauty focuses on providing enough storage space through its numerous pouches, pockets, and compartments plus it allows you to organize your stuff using packing cubes and garments protector.

Minaal Carry-on 2.0 is manufactured in conformity with the 55cm. x 35cm. international carry-on standards. It also comes with a removable waterproof rain jacket which can be stored in a zip-lock hidden pocket located at the topmost area of the bag.


Compartment and storage wise, Minaal Carry-on 2.0 bag has a 20cm. deep main compartment that can accommodate Minal’s 3pc. Garment packing cubes. It also has an allotted document and passport sleeves to keep all your travel documents organized and accessible.

Its mid-flap opening allows direct access to Carry-on 2.0’s cushioned and garter-locked tablet and laptop sleeves. The device compartment’s location is strategically positioned in the middle of 2 garment and accessory pockets to add extra and cushioned protection.

Extra Pockets

Minaal Carry-on 2.0 bag has a 21cm. x 34 cm. x 3.5 cm 3d fabric pocket for your extra clothes and a 21cm. x 34cm. x 3.5cm. Mesh pockets for your charger, USB cords, and other accessories.

Carry-on system

Minaal Carry-on 2.0 bag provides conventional and dual ways to carry, either through backpack or hand carry style. Its straps are equipped with an integrated cushioning system for enhanced comfort while its shoulder harness has added padded to avoid straining the shoulder muscles.

Minaal Carry-on 2.0 bag also has a chest strap with a buckle locking system integrated with an OMG panic whistle for accessible and efficient call for help in case of emergency.

Its 4 point harness adjustment allows you to comfortably carry your Minaal 2.0 bag and easily adjust by pulling the straps downward.


  • Designed and manufactured in conformity with international carry-on standards.
  • It comes with a 4 point adjustable harness which allows you to maneuver your bag’s position according to your comfort level.


  • Its hip belt is sold separately.
  • The locking in system of its laptop compartment zips on one side only.

Henty Wingman Backpack

Website: https://henty.cc/shop/wingman-backpack/

Wingman Backpack is another proud product of Henty which helps commuters and travelers carry their necessities in one congenital bag.

Unlike the average suit bag, Wingman can be used for different purposes by different people such as cyclists, gym enthusiast, walkers, students, travelers, commuters and motorcycle riders, military and you can even convert your bag into an emergency kit bag.


No need for additional and bulky waterproof jacket because Wingman is made from weatherproof material and top grade YKK zippers so whether it’s sunny or rainy, you could use your wingman anytime and anywhere without worries.

The Wingman Backpack can accommodate up to 3 sets of garments for your short travel, laptops and gadgets and other documents while its 18liters dry bag with shoulder strap can store a pair of shoes, towels and toiletries as well as your other valuables.

External Pockets

The Wingman has spacious external pockets for paper files, gadget accessories, keys and coins and paper bills. Its fixed and padded laptop compartment is located at the back of the bag where you can discreetly store your laptop and tablets.

Added Features

Henty’s Wingman also comes with a reflective piping for visual attention at night, webbing loop for cyclist and motorcycle riders, and a Henty coat hanger with rotating hook.

This 56cm x 22cm. x 25cm. cylindrical beauty comes with a pair of padded shoulder strap with a horizontal strap with buckle locking system to keep your bag secure while providing even weight distribution.


  • Made from weatherproof material.
  • Can store up to 3 sets of garments, a 15-inch laptop and other necessary documents and accessories.
  • Its reflective provides safety to night travelers, cyclist, and motorists.


  • It would have been better if the laptop pouch is removable for easier washing.

Parting Words:

The ultimate decider on what digital nomad bag should you choose depends on the length of your travel, and amount of things that you need to bring. Though most of our top pick offers several pockets and pouches, you should also need to consider the things that you need to stuff in each and every pocket available.

Next, you need to choose the ones that offer optimum protection to your laptop and files because that’s the most important tool that a digital nomad needs.

Lastly, price matters. So before even diving into the idea of buying, you should determine your budget and sort the bags that fall under your budget range.

Whatever bag you choose, the best advice we could impart to you is to enjoy your purchase and let it aid you in your journey of being the next most sought after digital nomad!


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