October 1, 2018

A List of Ethical Hacking Forums

Learning how to hack is both a lot easier than it ever used to be in the past as well as A LOT harder than it ever used to be, too.

On the one hand, most everyone has instant access to more technology, more resources, and more opportunities to hack today the ever existed even just a decade ago – let alone years and years ago when computers and the internet were still new.

On top of that, hacking has come out of the “dark days” where it was only used maliciously to steal or to commit cyber crimes. Plenty of smart “ethical hackers” are finding workarounds and back doors into today’s most frequently used technologies not to exploit them, but actually to help patch these holes and improved security going forward.

On the other hand, the security features that even your most basic computer programs and online applications use today are far more advanced than ever before. If the most advanced technologies and websites in the early days of the internet were locked down with a combination lock, today’s most basic and bare-bones solutions have been put inside the digital equivalent of Fort Knox.

Luckily though, because ethical hacking no longer has the stigma it used to have in the past – with big-time tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft paying a lot of money to ethical hackers to help them patch holes as quickly as possible – there are a lot more resources out there to help you dive deep into this subject.

Below we break down some of the very best resources you’ll find anywhere to help you with all of your ethical hacking questions. Use these resources to transform your skills and abilities as an ethical hacker and you’ll be able to get up to speed faster than you ever thought possible.

Let’s dive right in!

The Cybrary

One of the best resources you’ll find anywhere on the internet to help you master the skills, tactics, and technologies necessary to understand cyber security – and learn how to hack ethically – it doesn’t get much better than the Cybrary.

100% free of charge and completely open source, you will be able to use the online community portal and forum, the free cyber training tools and videos, and the Virtual Laboratories they provide with no strings attached to get yourself up to speed and beyond when it comes the world of cyber security today.


The online community/forum aspect of the Tinkernut platform isn’t exactly the best in the business, but every single week new hack projects and walk-throughs are released on this website – as well as on the Tinkernut YouTube channel – giving you more information and insight into how to take your hacking skills to the next level than most other platforms on the web today.

The blog hosted here at Tinkernut is regularly updated as well, with fun projects that develop your skills and talents in a tangible kind of way. Think of this like the Bill Nye the Science Guy of ethical hacking and you’ll have a better understanding of why people love Tinkernut so much.

Exploit Database

The Exploit Database is the largest repository of digital exploits found anywhere on the internet today, providing you with detailed information about exploits as they are discovered. You will be able to learn about new exploits, zero day attacks and cracks, shall code breaches, security papers, and so much more here.

The Google Hacking Database is constantly updated as well, giving you the opportunity to communicate with fellow ethical hackers to better understand the kinds of exploits that currently exist while at the same time reporting new exploits as you discover them.

If you’re looking for a career in “offenses security” for cyber threats, this is a website you are going to want to spend a whole lot of time on.


Another great online resource for people that want to learn the ins and outs of digital hacking, ethical hacking, with a more hands-on approach – tinkering with different projects to develop your ethical hacking skills along the way – you can’t go wrong with HackADay.

The online forum aspect of the platform is a little bit weak, but the comment section on each and every one of these projects is regularly monitored and moderated by the people running the projects themselves.

Spirited conversations happen on every project posted, and you’ll not only get live feedback from the people running the HackADay platform but other members of the HackADay community that want to help you better understand the skills and abilities as well.

The Evil Zone

With a name like “The Evil Zone” it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking this online forum dedicated to ethical hacking is anything but safe, secure, and the opposite of malicious – but nothing could be further from the truth.

The resources that you are going to have available to you when you become a member of this platform are designed to help you leverage new tools, technology, and assets available to the world of ethical hackers as they are released or discovered.

This is a 100% digital community-based (you’ll need to register an account – it’s free – to make the most of The Evil Zone) but once you have signed up you’ll immediately be able to begin taking part in all of the “challenges” that are regularly shared with the community.

At the end of the day, any of the websites and web communities we highlighted above are perfect for giving you a head start into the world of ethical hacking.

You’ll obviously have to deploy the new skills and training that you are leveraging to make these resources worthwhile, but thanks to the hands-on approach most of these solutions take to training ethical hackers that shouldn’t be a problem.

Take advantage of the inside information that these communities and online platforms offer ethical hackers and you’ll be cracking into systems, discovering cyber security flaws, and enjoying your newfound digital superpowers a lot faster than you ever would have thought possible!