June 27, 2018

Why You Need Fast Sneaker Proxies and Servers

How many “must-have” shoes slipped through your fingers this year? Stop missing those great deals and start snagging your favorite gear.

When a major shoe drops in limited number, sneakerheads are tripping over themselves to cart and purchase. Gone are the days of camping in front of stores and waiting in long lines. Yeah, people still do it, but they really don’t have to. Most of the stores have packed up shop and gone virtual by demand.

Things are moving online and where customers can browse and purchase in their underwear, only the couch and in their own sweet time. Your favorite kicks are dropping virtually. While this means you can shop from the comfort of your home, it also means you will be depending on websites loading quickly and your computer processing time (not to mention your typing and clicking speed).

Many people turn to bots to do multiple tasks at one time for them when they are trying to beat a mad rush to checkout. Using a bot means you can run 100 tasks and have a greatly increased chance of success on launch day. But when 100 tasks are coming from the same IP, sites realize a bot is in action and will ban your address. A sneaker proxy allows you to run different tasks from your server and not have the traffic traced back to you. This means 100 tasks looks like they are happening from 100 computers.

And not just any server or proxy should be used if you are really planning to compete with the big boys. To cop a pair of great sneakers, you need sneaker bots, sneaker proxies and sneaker servers. Yep, bots, proxies and servers specifically designed to give you the leg up on your shoe game.

While we don’t offer sneaker bots, sneakers servers or sneaker proxies ourselves, we are getting a lot of questions about these tools and we want to make sure you stay in-the-know. We like to help our customers and acquaintances in any way we can. With al l the confusion over new technology, we just wanted to share a few points to help explain sneaker servers, proxies and bots.


What makes sneaker proxies different from regular proxies?

A regular proxy is designed to keep your server private and secure. A proxy can control the information going out and can control what websites are able to be accessed by the servers. In the case of bot use, the proxy acts as a buffer that masks your IP address and won’t let the site know who is making the multiple requests.

  • You get what you pay for. Free proxies are often not safe for use because those running the site may be just mining your data. You could end up with a stolen identity because you wanted to save money on your proxy. Many free proxy sites are run by hackers who would love nothing more than to dupe people into giving them information to sell.
  • You need speed. A slow proxy could ruin an efficient bot and fast server. Don’t end up in the back of the line because you didn’t get a great sneaker proxy. You need something that will empower your bot an support your powerful off-site server.
  • Shake things up. A rotating proxy is important if you are buying multiple pairs from big brands, like Nike, Footlocker and Adidas. A proxy will hide your identity, but still gives an IP address. The bigger sites are watching out for bots and trying to stop people who are clearly using them. You can do the same thing yourself by buying a group of proxies and rotating them yourself. If you want to stay anonymous, then you need to make sure your proxy is set up to rotate proxies or generating a new IP addresses frequently during your activity
  • Location matters. While foreign proxies are cheaper, top tier proxies often are located in the US. When a lot of requests come in from US proxies, the site admin aren’t going to bat an eye. But if a bunch of requests come in from an unusual region, like Nigeria, then they make take a closer look and give you the boot.

Your proxy provider may firewall sneaker websites unless you purchase a pricier plan for their sneaker server. While you might feel frustrated, this is not a bad thing and should help you get the services you need for your sneaker purchases. Don’t be afraid to try different ones and see what works best for you and your device or laptop.

What makes a sneaker server different from regular servers?

You shouldn’t be limited by your computer’s capabilities. A sneaker server is a virtual private server (VPS) that has a separate operating system and software you can use to connect to sneaker sites. The server itself doesn’t need to be special, but it should be in the same decanters as what the sneaker sites are using.

Choose a server that works with your laptop, tablet and/or phone so that you can access your information from any device. You don’t want to feel trapped at home when a big release is happening. You could have the freedom to make last-minute changes before the drop, regardless of where you are. In fact, some sneakerheads use a VPS to their advantage, popping in a Free WiFi area that is geographically close to the sneaker brand making the drop right before the big launch. Getting closer actually helps with the speed of the server and gives you yet another edge

You want a lot of power. Like bandwidth that will blaze through websites and get you the newest kicks as they drop. You want enough power to choose whatever bot you want for snagging those sneaks. Rather than spend a fortune on a supercomputer, you can pay a monthly fee with the option to cancel at any point over your security.

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) is something you can install on your server to give yourself better control over your security. A Sneaker IPS will watch your ingoing and outgoing activities in an attempt to detect and block any problematic activity.

What are some of the most popular sneaker bots people are using

Nearly all the holdups and errors in life are due to humans. We miss things, don’t move fast enough and forget things. Often, this is mostly ignored because we all tend to do it, but in these drops happen fast and sell out in a hot minute. Bots allow you to search for the right size, item and brand all over the internet at shockingly fast.

The bot takes the human touch out of the process and moves you up in line. Rather than bumble through the ordering process as fast as you can manage after a LE drop, you can set up the bot to make those queries for you.

You need a bot that is fast and able to beat CAPTCHA systems to checkout. Random delay between requests is also helpful, since it emulates human behavior. There are a lot of new and old bot options for sneakers. Among those, the most popular bot options include:

  • Ghost
  • Kickmoji
  • NikeCarter
  • Better Nike Bot

People use bots to snag their top sneaker needs or to make numerous purchases, so they can resell them later at a profit. People have built small businesses off copped sneakers and a hungry audience that wants a hard-to-get shoe. Only a bot is able to make hundreds of requests simultaneously and they have a great chance of being successful once you buffer your bot with a sneaker proxy.

Why speed is one of the most important factors when running your sneaker purchases

Even the smallest thing can slow you down and drop you in the ranks of top purchasers in a big drop. When everyone is lining up and pushing for the front, you have to push as well or you won’t get anywhere near the product.

You want to make sure every step is as streamlined as possible and that you are combining the best tools available. Don’t let anything get in your way, even for a millisecond. When you back you bot with the power of a top server and the privacy of a proxy, you are ready to rock and roll.

How to check your sneaker proxies and sneaker servers locations and speed

A bogged down path can mean the difference between carting and purchasing. Not bouncing your IP address can bake it easier to spot suspicious traffic and track your activity — resulting in a ban. You can use traceroute to check your paths between your network and the website. To run traceroute:

  1. Open the command prompt
  2. Got to Start>Run
  3. Type c”md” (or command for some Windows users) and then Enter
  4. In the command prompt enter “racert hostname” (choose a server name for the server connection you want to test) and hit enter

You will get a complete list of results for what path your chosen server took. You can look through these results to make sure you’re staying anonymous and also not going to trigger the sneaker company with suspicious activity.

Are dedicated sneaker proxies necessary?

The proxy acts as a barrier between you and the website. Obviously, a sluggish proxy means your whole process slows down and it will probably cost you the purchase. The proxy you choose needs to play nicely with the sneaker site, be easy for you to set up and work very quickly with your bot.

You want a high success rate, so you want a tool dedicated to your end goal. Sneaker proxies have a much higher success rate and are more likely to fulfill your specific needs as you choose your sneaker bots and sneaker server. There is certainly a chance you will snag a pair without the dedicated proxy, but you may also waste a lot of time.

As competition continues to increase, the sneaker game is getting serious. It’s only going to get harder and harder to grab the pair you want. The right sneaker proxy will make your life easier while boosting security.

The future for sneaker proxies

This is a lot like high frequency traders where people are using machine power and algorithms to make their purchases at lighting speed. Once a handful of people are trading that way, the rest have to keep up or go home. But, instead of stocks and commodities, you are trying to purchase that rare pair of shoes.

Of course, websites aren’t fans of having their system played by people who are consistently faster and selling them out in seconds. While they love the hype of a good release, brands want their real customers to snatch the products and not bot fingers. Once the big guns are out and blazing, it gets nearly impossible for the average consumer to get that coveted pair while chilling at home. It doesn’t matter how many alarms you set or insider posts announce special releases – if your tools push you to the back of the line, you will always miss out.

Websites are catching on and trying to shut down the dedicated proxies that allow customers like you to hide their bot use. Netflix already has found ways to clamp down on those dedicated proxies. They may start looking at the IPs to determine if it is a residential IP or a dedicated server IP. However, the future is strong for this three-legged system right now and you can take advantage of it before things change.

Sites like Nike, Adidas and Footlocker are hyping up those drops and then making them exclusive. They plan to sell out to keep the shoe hot and desirable. People who want in on the action have to get creative and think outside of the box. The only way to play is to join the ranks of the tech-savvy and get your own sneaker without having to buy it from someone who did get bots and a rotating proxy.

Until websites change their approach and are able to spot the bots, you need the bots to play. Don’t miss out on the coolest shoes in town because you didn’t know how to snag them fast enough. As of now, this is the best way to ensure you get the new shoes for the season and don’t miss out.

Hopefully this guide helped you understand what sneaker proxies, sneaker servers and sneaker bots are all about. If you have other questions regarding proxies or technical questions, we would be happy to help as best as we can. We offer a residential proxy network for data miners. Please reach out or set up an appointment so we can get in touch with you quickly to answer your questions.


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