Start Your VPN Business

White Label VPN Software and Servers
+WHMCS Module

White Label Any of These Platforms

We support all major devices, meaning that your customers can use your software on a broad range of technology. You can upload your logo, select text colours, background images or use gradients and automatically scale this over 6 popular platforms including:
Apple OSX, Windows, iOS (iPhone + iPad) and Android (phone + tablet)


Build Your Client Right In Your Browser

We provide an easy to use in browser GUI editor that allows you to create a unique interface by uploading your branding images, logos, setting colours and changing the language used throughout the applications.

This is available OSX, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

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Management Features

Client Builder

Using our propietry software builder you can completely customize your own VPN client by adding your logo, selecting colours, fonts and giving the software your own personal touch.

We have an easy 6 step wizard that will get you up and running in as quickly as 15 minutes.

Server Manager

Most clients of ours like to offer a free trial to their customers, we allow you to limit which servers can be accessed according to your designated plans.

You can select which servers will be free or paid for your VPN users with a simple server management interface.

User Manager

You can quickly add, delete or modify a users credentials in your browser.

We also support a fully functional REST API that can be used to add, modify or delete users.

The VPN Industry is BIG Business

The consumer VPN industry is expected to be a $70 billion dollar industry.

Investors are backing VPN companies with tens of millions of dollars

Auto Deploy VPN Servers

Automatically deploy VPN servers that directly work within our apps with very little technical knowledge.

Even your grandma could deploy a server with our panel!

Manage VPN Users

Using our panel you can easily add, delete and modify users access levels. Changes automatically get propagated to your VPN servers.

Why use us for VPN white labeling?

Save MASSIVELY on Development Costs

Are you prepared to spend $30,000+ USD to develop your own software?

Developing software for independent operating systems (OSX & Windows) is hard work, especially if you haven’t managed a project like it before.

Are you prepared to spend $15,000 USD for a functioning VPN client on Apple OSX and then another $15,000 for Windows?

You have to make sure it works on all previous version of Windows such as XP, 7, 8.1 and then each time they release an update you have to make sure your software still works for your customers.

New upgrades and patches cost money.

Save over $30,000+ on development costs

Monthly costs on maintaining servers for a VPN network

A single servers can cost $200+ per month and that’s just for one location!

Your users will want more locations for access in different regions and if you don’t have it they’ll just choose a different provider that does.

If you set up just 30 locations / servers with $200 per month servers that’s already $6,000 per month in over heads.

Additionally if you’re not an experienced sysadmin or you want to focus on marketing your VPN product you’ll need to hire someone.

Save over $6,000+ per month on dedicated server costs

Completely Free, Try us today!

What Your Customers Will Receive

Feature All Plans
The full suite easy-to-use VPN software
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited server switches
OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocol
DNS leak protection
Access to all servers and locations
Multi-login: Use up to 5 accounts for the price of one!
Internet kill-switch: disable your internet if VPN is disconnected
Free updates

Really Simple Pricing

$1,499.00 one time payment

This allows you to configure and white label your brand all devices we offer including OSX, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS and Android.

You can then either plug this into your own VPN servers or use our white label VPN network when we make this public in May 2017.

Revenue Calculator

Charging yearly is a great way to offer your customers discounts and is a common pricing model in the VPN industry.

X =  $1,250 per month

A very modest and achievable goal could be set for 25 users per month.