We’re not trying to save the world

But we can save you time and headaches.
If you’ve been navigating the proxy provider world for a bit, you are probably familiar with the massive multi-million dollar, faceless companies, the shady terms and conditions and the week-long onboardings. Getting a headache just reading this? Don’t fret. We created Proxyrack to fix it.
Choose your location
But we didn’t just make it cheaper. You can figure out why a proxy is cheap right away. Failed connections, a ton of blocked sites, security issues and on and on. So we figured, not everyone needs millions of IPs. Especially the smaller guys. Like you. And let’s face it, with a proxy you’re not trying to save the world. You just need reliable, fast and unrestricted access to the right IPs. And to make it all work in the background without worrying about it.
High Reliability

Proxyrack is the only proxy provider that allows you to collect all the data you need, without the tradeoffs or the hassle of getting started.

Practicing what we preach since 2014

Make it yours
Success comes in many forms, but the best success is the one you achieve your way, not anybody else’s. We help you move projects forward with your own unique spin and ideas.
Speak your mind
Your feedback is what makes us better. And we want it to flow freely, both within our team and with you. If something isn’t right, speak up and we’ll make it right.
Take your time
We shouldn’t rush things, especially with delicate projects like these. We take time to think through and analyse problems in detail, so we can overcome any roadblocks.
Try stuff
Testing is part of the job. The same way we’re always trying out new ways of doing things, we don’t expect you to waste weeks of your life emailing between departments to get started.

Don’t settle.

Get the quality AND the affordable price for your proxies.

How we got here


Proxyrack was founded.

Started with just Unmetered Residential proxies


Added USA Rotating proxies


Added Global Rotating proxies


Added Private and Premium Residential



Surpassed 100,000+ users


1 billion+ successful page requests per month and power some of the newest, most innovative companies on the web.

What's next?

We want to 20x the amount of IPs by 2026, while maintaining the same quality and affordable pricing and introduce new exciting products and APIs to help you be even more productive.

Life at Proxyrack

The proxy provider industry is dominated by some big, faceless corporations with a strict DNA, and where you have to wait ages to get your idea out of the never ending pipeline. If that’s what you’re looking for we are probably not the right fit. But if, on the other hand, you're looking for a flexible and autonomous working environment where your ideas matter and have an impact, let’s get in touch.
Proxy Servers

Work your own hours and manage your schedule

We are a small remote team of 9 and if we didn ‘t trust each and every single member to make their own decisions, we’d be dead in the water by now. We give you the tools, you do what you’re best at with them, the way you want.

Your ideas matter and actually see the light of day

When you’re part of the team, you have true skin in the game and the ability to influence the product directly. See your idea turned into reality and implemented, fast. Make a difference and help us build a great product.
Tech support

Get the help you need when you need it

Management shouldn’t be there to just be the face of your hard work. We’re there when you need us to collaborate and listen to your feedback. But forget daily, pointless and mind-numbing meetings. We get on a weekly one-on-one, a team meeting when it matters, and that’s it.