Proxyrack - December 23, 2022

USA Cyber Crime Hotspots


USA Cyber Crime Hotspots

Everyone knows the importance of staying safe online. Amongst all the great things that the internet has brought us, it has also presented opportunities for hackers and scammers to make an illegitimate living. 

There are many things you can do to stay safe online, such as using a residential proxy and installing anti-virus software. Despite these techniques, in the United States alone, there was a total loss of $18.7 billion, which shows just how dangerous the online world can be. 

That’s why we wanted to find out the states and countries that are most at risk from cybercrime, as well as the states which have lost the most money to cybercrime. We also wanted to find out which types of cybercrime were the most common. 

States Most at Risk of Cyber Crimes

We’ve calculated the number of victims per 100,000 people to find out the U.S. states that are most at risk of cybercrime.