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Our proxies have countless capabilities, like working in unison with some of the leading multi account applications on the market, including Multilogin app. Discover what Multilogin is, what it’s used for, and how to take its functionality to the next level with a proxy with this comprehensive use case.

What is Multilogin?

Multilogin is a cloud-based app that lets you create virtual browser profiles to mask computers. Instead of using physical devices, Multilogin uses physical device simulation, meaning less hardware and less hassle

What does Multilogin do?

With the Multilogin app, you can create a network of separate browsing environments between which to jump seamlessly. This lets you keep your real PC parameters private from websites when you browse, as domains will only be able to read the virtual browser profile you created. Furthermore, data in your cookies and cache, will be stored separately for each profile.

Multilogin takes the browser fingerprint protection model to a whole new level. Whereas traditional fingerprint protectors work by preventing websites from reading biometric data, the Multilogin app creates a unique, computer-generated fingerprint that replaces the original one provided. This means that the core functionalities and benefits of fingerprint recognition are retained without you having to compromise the security of any personal data.

Furthermore, with the help of APIs, Multilogin supports browser automation. You can save yourself time and stress by automating repetitive tasks.

It makes it easier to manage workflow as you can create different browser profiles for different team members.

What is Multilogin used for?

From eCommerce to affiliate marketing, the range of applications for Multilogin is massive. Here are a few of the most popular use cases.

  1. eCommerce: You can create multiple merchant accounts on different or the same eCommerce platform. You can do this from one PC with different browser profiles. This helps lessen business-related risks as you’ll have a higher chance of selling products.

  2. Web scraping: With Multilogin virtual profiles, you can run faster web scraping tasks. This is because these virtual profiles consume fewer resources.

  3. Ad verification: By using a proxy with Multilogin, you can set different gel-locations for different virtual profiles. With this, you can emulate different users from different locations and verify how effective your ad placement and targeting is.

  4. Price comparison: As a buyer or seller, you can compare the price of retail products in different geo-locations. Like the previous case, this requires a proxy for geo-targeting.

  5. Self-testing: You can test the security and privacy state of your computer using the same computer. With a virtual profile, it will appear like you’re using a different computer.

  6. Affiliate marketing: To increase your chances of making returns as an affiliate marketer, you can create multiple ad accounts to run multiple campaigns.

Multilogin browsers

Multilogin has two specially-developed browsers for users. These browsers are optimized with features that make them best for using the Multilogin App to create the smoothest possible user experience. They include:

  1. Mimic Browser

This is a private browser that was developed based on a Chromium engine. In other words, it’s a similar browser to Google Chrome. However, it’s different as it doesn’t send your real PC profiles when you browse.

  1. Stealthfox Browser

This also is a private browser but it was developed based on the Firefox engine. So, it is a similar browser to Mozilla Firefox. The browser works incredibly well for managing browsing fingerprints.

These browsers are both exclusive to Multilogin, meaning you’ll only be able to enjoy their benefits by working within the Multilogin application.

Multilogin compatibility

You can download and use the Multilogin app on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux x64. You can either download the Beta version or the Stable version.

Multilogin also features an API for easy connection with third-party platforms. This includes the CLI & Local API, and browser automation for Selenium and Puppeteer.

Why use a proxy with the Multilogin app? 

Multilogin advises users to make use of proxies. You must use a proxy with Multilogin if you’re performing tasks like:

  • Web scraping

  • Verification

  • Marketing

  • Ad spying

  • Self-testing, and more.

This is to prevent your IP address from being blocked, ensure that your personal data is as secure as possible and keep your browsing secure.

However, Multiplatform doesn’t provide proxies, so users must find third-party proxy providers. 

Thankfully, you can get the best proxies for the Multilogin App from Proxyrack. Discover our range of IP-authenticated and password-authenticated proxies that are all optimized to perform with virtual browsing interfaces like Multilogin.

Best proxies for Multilogin 

Proxyrack proxies are reliable and affordable, offering both Residential and Datacenter proxies which are ideal for Multilogin usage.

Residential proxies

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Multilogin?

First of all, you need to download and install the app for your device. For that, the PC needs to meet the following system requirements: Up to 4GB RAM Up to 1GB free disk space GPU 64-bit OS After installation, launch the software to register an account. Registration is simple and requires just your email and master password. Once done, you can start adding browser profiles.

Can I trial a proxy for Multilogin before I buy?

Yes, all of Proxyrack proxies are available with a 7-day trial period to ensure you have the best product for your needs.

How do I buy a proxy for Multilogin?

Once you’ve decided whether a Residential or Datacentre proxy is right for you, checkout our pricing comparison guide. Or, trial all of our proxies for 7-days to help you choose.

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