Sam - September 26, 2016

Ad Blocker use soaring amongst millennials

A recent survey has discovered that two out of three millennials use ad blocker software when browsing the internet on their desktop or mobile devices.

Ad Blocker software brings benefits such as blocking intrusive adverts on web pages, stopping videos cutting to adverts and reducing popups

Ad blockers are available as an add-on on most browsers and are often a completely free piece of software.

The Millennials At The Gate report asked 2,700 US based young people aged 18 to 24 about their web habits.

The results contrast sharply with the rest of the population, where only 15% of people in the US use ad blocker software. The report, therefore, suggested that ad blocking has become an ‘established social norm’ among young millennials.

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When asked why they used ad blockers, the main reason given was to improve their user experience when online.

43% of those surveyed said they used an ad blocker to avoid intrusive ads and 21% said they wanted to speed up their browsing. On the other hand, only 17% said they used ad blockers to protect their online privacy.

Specifically, the survey found that millennials really hated video advertisements, such as those played before and during YouTube videos.