Sam - November 29, 2018

The Backconnect Proxy: Empowering Big Data For Big Profits



21st Century enterprises now recognize the power of Big Data to boost profits, develop new sales pipelines, and develop and maintain a competitive edge in today’s highly contested online business environments. In any business, the mantra “time is money” has always been a core fundamental, and this vital rule of thumb hasn’t changed when it applies to the gathering, collating, and analyzing of Big Data for use by the enterprise’s decision-makers.

Effective SaaS and cloud-based SEO applications can drive traffic and increase conversions in a way which can level the playing field for startups who no longer need to lay out huge initial capital investments for expensive IT hardware onsite. Established SMBs need to stay current on pricing to maintain their competitive edge and foster robust growth, and it’s not as if there is any choice in the matter.

The business value of data from web scraping and Big Data analytics in today’s digital environment has forced the issue. Any enterprise which chooses not to avail themselves of this critical business information can rest assured that their rivals certainly will, and relying on human resources alone to keep up to speed in the hyper-dynamic Big Data world of internet business is like entering a golf cart in the Grand Prix. You can’t win.

That said, many who recognize the value of Big Data and venture into the world of web scraping will find that the doors to the data they need are not left wide open. Many websites and search engines take sophisticated defensive measures to safeguard the data they contain and identifying a single IP as the source of a torrent of web crawling bots and queries is the first line of defense. The highest levels of anonymity and security are essential for any advanced data scraping operation. In this post, the experts at ProxyRack take a detailed look at just how a backconnect proxy can optimize advanced SaaS and Big Data applications with unsurpassed levels of anonymity while enhancing the power of advanced Big Data software with the sheer power of numbers.

Proxies as an Essential Business Tool

Businesses today have at their disposal armies of automated information gathering bots thanks to advanced SaaS, all primed and ready to crawl the web and root out the most pertinent business data such as competitors’ pricing, customer preferences, and market trends. Today’s Big Data applications search and acquire precisely targeted consumer contact information that can make the “cold” sales lead an anachronism of the past. If your niche business manufactures pink 3-legged stools, web scraping can find the exact consumers who are looking for and purchasing pink 3-legged stools. Big Data applications can show you what your competitors are charging for their version of the products, online reviews from consumers, seasonal market trends, and the leading geo-locations for developing the most lucrative sales pipelines.

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Of course, the websites being scraped are aware of the value of their information as well and take defensive measures to block it, and identifying the IP which is the source of queries plays a key role in that defense. Game on. It’s a case of go with a proxy or go home. But as we’ll find, for advanced Big Data applications, all proxies are not created equal.