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Best Facebook Proxies

In this article, you will identify the best Facebook proxies.

Best Facebook Proxies

Without wasting time, ProxyRack proxies are the best proxies for Facebook. I recommend them for many reasons.

First of all, the proxies are safe, which is most important. If you use an unsafe proxy, you’ll be giving out the private details the proxy was supposed to protect. ProxyRack doesn’t have public proxies. All the proxies are private hence no one can spy on your traffic.

Furthermore, ProxyRack features both residential and datacenter proxies with 5 million+ and 20,000+ IPs respectively. That’s far more IPs than you’ll ever need for Facebook no matter the circumstances. What’s more? The proxies are affordable as you can see from the prices below:

Residential Proxies

  • Unmetered Residential Proxies: Starting from $80

  • Premium GEO Residential Proxies: Starting from $14.95

  • Private Residential Proxies: Starting from $99.95

Datacenter Proxies

  • USA Rotating Datacenter Proxies: Starting at $120

  • Mixed Rotating Datacenter Proxies: Starting at $120

  • Shared Datacenter Proxies: Starting at $49

  • Canada Rotating Proxies: Starting at $65

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular and most used social media platform in the world. Now owned by Meta, the company was previously called Facebook Inc and includes not just the Facebook social network but also Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook was launched in 2004 and currently boasts of over 2.8 billion monthly users.

With Facebook, you can upload status as text, images, or videos. You can send and receive friend requests, like posts of others, share them, and even drop comments. You can access Facebook using the mobile app that’s available for almost all devices available. Facebook is also accessible via the web.

As a global platform, Facebook is available in over 111 languages. Facebook is so popular that’s its founder, Mark Zuckerberg is the 7th richest person in the world.

Facebook plays a very important role for digital companies and businesses today. With over 2.8 billion users every month, it’s the best social network for advertising. In fact, advertising is the major means Facebook generates income. In Q3 of 2020, Facebook recorded more than 10 million monthly advertisers.

As a business using Facebook to thrive, or as an individual, you may need Facebook proxies for different reasons.

Why You Need Facebook Proxies?

To start with, businesses use Facebook as well as other social media platforms. It can be difficult managing and uploading posts on all of them at the time. Hence, most businesses make use of Facebook bots for automation.

The problem, however, is that Facebook doesn’t support bots. As the most used social network, Facebook has the most staunch anti-bot detectors. The only way to avoid getting a bot ban is to mask your online traffic and appear like a normal internet user.

This is possible with a proxy. When you connect your computer to a proxy, you’re technically hiding your computer from the internet behind the proxy. Websites, Facebook, or any other, won’t be able to track your bot, instead, they’ll track the proxy.

Proxies can stimulate real human traffic since they have thousands and millions of IPs. Hence, if you use a good proxy, Facebook anti-bots can’t detect you.

Also, proxies can come in handy as an individual Facebook user. This is especially in cases when you can’t access the platform due to restrictions. Perhaps you live in a country where the social network is censored or Facebook just makes it difficult to access your account.

All of these point towards your IP address. If you use a different IP address that’s not in a restricted region and not in Facebook’s black list, then you can access the platform with ease. With a proxy, you can get all of the IP addresses you need for Facebook.

Bottom Line

There you go! You now know where to get the best Facebook proxies and how they can help you.

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