Daniel - December 1, 2021

Best Facebook Proxies

In this article, you will identify the best Facebook proxies.

Best Facebook Proxies

Without wasting time, ProxyRack proxies are the best proxies for Facebook. I recommend them for many reasons.

First of all, the proxies are safe, which is most important. If you use an unsafe proxy, you’ll be giving out the private details the proxy was supposed to protect. ProxyRack doesn’t have public proxies. All the proxies are private hence no one can spy on your traffic.

Furthermore, ProxyRack features both residential and datacenter proxies with 5 million+ and 20,000+ IPs respectively. That’s far more IPs than you’ll ever need for Facebook no matter the circumstances. What’s more? The proxies are affordable as you can see from the prices below:

Residential Proxies

  • Unmetered Residential Proxies: Starting from $80

  • Premium GEO Residential Proxies: Starting from $14.95

  • Private Residential Proxies: Starting from $99.95

Datacenter Proxies