Daniel - April 19, 2021

Best Instamber Proxies

This post recommends the best Instamber proxies for Instagram automation.

Instamber bots are great for automating your activities on Instagram. They let you grow your audience faster, set up multiple Instagram accounts, automate posts, etc.

However, you need premium proxies to prevent Instagram from detecting bot usage on your page and banning your account.

The Best Instamber Proxies

Residential and Mobile proxies are the best Instamber proxies because they are difficult to identify as proxies since they have regular IP addresses like other users.

Residential proxies are home PCs used as proxy servers. Hence, they have IP addresses allocated by Internet Service Providers and are traceable to a location; this makes them indistinguishable from regular home PCs.

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Mobile proxies are smartphone servers. They also have IP addresses allocated by Mobile Network Providers hence making them unidentifiable as proxies. More than 60 percent of users access Instagram from smartphones; this makes Mobile proxies the best Instamber proxies.

What Is Instamber?