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Best Tumblr Proxies

If you want the best Tumblr proxies, read this post to find out.

One of the quickest ways to publish your opinion to other internet users is via microblogging.

Interestingly, Tumblr is a mix between microblogging and social networking. That way, you can publish blog posts and also interact with other users on the Tumblr platform.

Conversely, we will show you the best Tumblr proxies and the benefits of using proxies for Tumblr.

Best Tumblr Proxies

Residential proxies are the best Tumblr proxies. These proxies incorporate IP addresses that originate from a real physical location i.e. ISPs. Also, they are ideal for Tumblr usage because they have a low chance of getting banned even if you use bots.

If you are wondering where to purchase the best residential proxies, the good news is ProxyRack offers. In fact, our proxies are affordable and fast.

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What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging site that was founded in 2007 by David Karp. It is a mix between Twitter and an established blog. Although Tumblr has no restriction on several posts; however, users are encouraged to shorten their updates.

Interestingly, Tumblr has several post templates for texts, photos, links, chat, and video. Like Twitter, users need to follow a Tumblr blog before receiving regular posts from that particular blog.

Overall, Tumblr simplifies the process of reblogging posts while allowing users to include comments. As a user, you can like a post too. You can leave comments natively if you have used Tumblr for a long time.

Not to mention, Tumblr has apps for Android and iOS devices. However, Tumblr is banned in some countries like Iran, China, Indonesia, etc.

Why Do You Need Proxies For Tumblr?

Proxies serve as a gateway between you and the web. It masks your IP address and uses its generated IP address to access the internet. That way, your online activity is anonymized.

Interestingly, proxies are ideal for Tumblr in order to unblock geo-restrictions. Take, for instance, if you live in a country where Tumblr is banned, you can quickly unblock it by using a proxy. In fact, you can use a proxy emanating from a Tumblr-friendly country to access their website.

Another reason why you need proxies for Tumblr is to facilitate web scraping. In essence, you may need data reports on how your Tumblr account is performing e.g. likes, post shares, traffic, feeds, etc. Likewise, you may need comprehensive data regarding other users. So, it is ideal to use proxies to avoid getting an IP address ban.

Conversely, there are several Tumblr bot tools out there like Tumbling Jazz that you can use to boost your Tumblr account. With a proxy, you can automate the bot process without resulting in an IP address ban. Not to mention, some Tumblr bots support proxy usage.

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Bottom Line

Tumblr is a unique microblogging platform with over 500 million blogs. To scrape Tumblr or bypass restrictions, it is best that you use proxies.

Thankfully, ProxyRack offers the best Tumblr proxies at affordable rates.

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