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How to automate your Instagram outreach using Proxies

Have you ever wondered how you can increase your profit margin on Instagram? Or how you can increase your customer base or have more followers than a celebrity?

Or as a marketer, have you wondered how you can free up time spent promoting your goods or services on Instagram without experiencing a drop in sales margin?

Do you desire to have more than five Instagram accounts to increase your customer base, get more followers, or boost your sales?

All these and much more is possible by combining the right Instagram tool with the right proxy services provider.

You might wonder how? Not to worry, this tutorial will walk you through what you need to know to have as many numbers of Instagram account you desire. You will also get to learn about how to get way more followership than you have ever imagined and also boost your sales with an amazingly wide margin.

All that you have ever imagined about the power of Instagram can be your encounter if you will follow this guide to the very end. Presently, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users worldwide, spending an average of 25 minutes daily on Instagram. These statistics hold significant prospects for businesses, corporate bodies, and marketers all around the world.

Here is another shocker; Brands on Instagram experience ten times more engagement than brands on Facebook. What this translates too is that users spend way more time checking out brands than they would on Facebook.

Also, Brands on Instagram experiences ten times more engagement than brands on Facebook. What this translates too is that users spend way more time checking out brands than they would on Facebook.

Estimates show that more than 32% of people earning income above $30,000 yearly are on Instagram. Quite amazing, you would agree with me.

Before you rush to open several Instagram account, it is essential to note this. Your Instagram success story might not come to be without you combining the right Instagram tool with the appropriate proxy services provider, of which ProxyRack comes to mind.

Without much ado, let us explore the proxy world and how it works.

What is a Proxy? And How does it works?

Proxy means to act on behalf of another. A proxy is a device or server that works on behalf of another device. It is the go-between clients and servers or applications that perform service both on the request and sometimes on the response.

A proxy server retrieves data from the internet, such as a web page on your behalf. E.g., when you want to view a webpage on the internet, you would open up a web browser, and type in the address to retrieve the web page from its web server.

But when you go through a proxy server, the proxy server will act as a middle man and retrieve the webpage on your behalf.

So when you visit a website, the proxy server receives the request from your computer, and directly retrieve the webpage on your behalf and send it to your computer.

Benefits of using a proxy server

Using a proxy server has several advantages, but one key benefit of the utmost importance to you as an Instagram marker is privacy.

A proxy server allows you to surf the internet anonymously because it hides your IP address.

When you visit a website without using a reliable proxy, your public IP address is visible. Certain people can know the websites you’re visiting.

But when you use a reliable proxy server like ProxyRack’s, your IP address becomes invisible. This is because, as the proxy server is retrieving the webpage for you, only its IP address is seen viewing the webpage. So your IP address stops here and remains anonymous to the website server, the proxy IP does the rest of the work.

Effective Methods to automate your Instagram Outreach

There are way more automation tools designed for Instagram than any other social media platform. These automation tools are designed to save you from spending so much time and energy marketing on Instagram.

This guide will put you through on how you can effectively use the Instagram automation tools for your marketing outreach.

Here are nine possible ways you can effectively automate your Instagram Outreach:

  • Automate finding and following on Instagram: Many Instagram automation tools can effectively find and follow new accounts. All you need do is set the hashtags and the criteria for choosing the accounts to follow.

  • Automate your Posting schedule: with Instagram Automation tools, you can schedule your postings on Instagram. To schedule your posts, create the contents you intend to share, schedule it, and the automation tool does the work of posting at the scheduled time. This gives you time to focus on other vital activities.

  • Use Automation tools to automate your comment. Using Automation tools, you can create some genuine neutral, yet positive comments and set your automation tool to comment on a limited number of photos daily.

  • Automate ‘likes’ using an automation tool: you can set up your automation tool to like peoples’ posts. In this way, your page appears to more people in a similar way you pay Instagram to advertise your page to specific categories of Instagram users.

  • Automate messaging: use automation tools to send messages to your followers. Although it is quite challenging to send automated messages relevant to your followers, you can create neutral phrases and sentences to send to a limited no of Instagram accounts daily.

  • Un-follow some account with automation tools: using the same automation tool for following Instagram users, you can un-follow users who do not follow back. In this way, you get to have a good followership ratio and also save you from wasting time and effort on people who are not interested in engaging you.

  • Create quality content for your automation tools: invest a portion of the time you have saved using automation tools to create quality and original content to post. In this way, you get to keep your followers engaged and also get new followers.

  • Monitor your automation tools regularly: monitoring your automation tools is one way of tracking your progress. If you’re not getting the desired result, you can reset your automation tools to target a different set of hashtags.

  • Answer all comments: Automation tools are not capable of giving appropriate comments to all of your followers. Taking time to reply to comments proves to your audience that they matter to you. In this way, you get to keep their followership.

How to manage multiple Instagram Accounts using Instagram Automation Tools

Marketers use multiple Instagram accounts to promote their businesses. A marketer can have over a hundred Instagram account to get more exposure, but Instagram only allows a maximum of five accounts per user.

The reality is it may be possible to create and manage up to five accounts efficiently but managing a hundred? That is only possible by using automation tools.

Here are some of the best automation tools you can use to manage multiple accounts on Instagram

Recommended Instagram Automation Tools

1. iGramTool

With the IGramTool, you can create multiple accounts within a few minutes. As a marketer, iGramTool offers you the following features:

  • Multiple account creation

  • Automatic email verification

  • Multithread support

  • Generate emails

  • Ability to customize your user name.

  • Free updates

  • A yearly subscription of $77

It is advisable to age Instagram accounts after creation to prevent Instagram from banning your accounts. Also, you should start your marketing strategy on a slow pedestal and gather more followers before starting on aggressive marketing strategies and campaigns.

2. Instazood

Instazood is a powerful automation tool you can use to like, follow, comment, unfollow, view stories, and also post on Instagram.

Instazood offers you tons of customization features to increase your follower base, ‘like’ and get more’ likes,’ and comment on followers’ posts.

You can manage and schedule Instagram posts and buy real Instagram followers with Instazoid.

Instazood has multiple settings that ensure that your accounts stay within Instagram’s acceptable range of activities. Other features you can enjoy on Instazoid are

  • Instazoid works well on a broad range of mobile devices.

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Powerful, yet simple to use GUI

  • You can use Instazoid on the web without having to download an app.

  • available in multiple languages

3. PVA Creator

PVA Creator is one of the Instagram bot tools you can use in your marketing outreach. With PVA bot tool, you can

  • auto-create and manage multiple accounts at a time

  • verify bulk email verification

  • solve captcha problems automatically

  • automatically verify phone

  • multithread support

  • free updates

  • fingerprint bypass technology

4. BigBangram

BigBangram is a popularly used automation bot tool. BigBangram encompasses a wide range of automation tools like auto messaging, liking, commenting, and following.

With BigBangram, you can buy ‘likes’ and followers and also use the comment tracker to keep track of your comments on Instagram. Other features you can enjoy on BigBangram include

  • a wide range of customization options

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Auto-comply with Instagram’s limits

  • Image and emojis inclusion in written texts.

  • Monthly charges of $24

5. Direct Bulk Sender

The direct bulk sender is an Instagram automation tool that majors on direct bulk messaging. Direct Bulk Sender has a simple and easy to use UI. You can enjoy the following features on the direct bulk sender

  • Bulk messaging to selected users

  • Ability to insert images and emoji in texts

  • 24/7customer support

  • $2.7 per day

How to effectively automate your Instagram outreach using proxies

You do not need an Instagram automation tool or proxies for a single Instagram account. It is impossible to manage multiple accounts all-round-the clock for 365 days without needing the help of Instagram automation tools and proxies.

Managing multiple accounts without using proxies can cause Instagram to ban your accounts. Instagram is set up to recognize and fish and ban multiple requests from the same IP.

Using the right proxies like ProxyRack with automation tools ensures that each account is assigned a different IP address and location to avoid suspicion and ban of accounts by Instagram.

In this way, you can successfully run and manage multiple Instagram accounts using proxies without fear of your accounts getting banned.

ProxyRack Instagram Proxies – ProxyRack Plans and Packages

ProxyRack is one of the most extensive Instagram Private Proxy services with an average of more than 108,000 proxies online daily. All of ProxyRack’s packages support the user:pass authentication and IP whitelisting as well.

These packages provide you with all of the security you need to run multiple accounts anonymously.

ProxyRack’s Instagram Packages

Rotating Instagram Proxies offers you a large amount of non-exclusive Instagram IP addresses with thousands of Unique IPs shared among ProxyRack’s subscribers. These proxies support both the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols.

  • Shared Instagram Proxies

Shared Instagram Proxies is a package exclusive to Instagram only. These proxies offer you high speed and reliability because they are directly from the Instagram datacentre center in the US. Also, the shared Instagram Proxies support both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

  • Dedicated Instagram Proxies

Dedicated Instagram Proxies are proxy packages dedicated to only a user. On this package, you enjoy high-speed, secure, and reliable connections on both the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols.

Other plans you can enjoy from ProxyRack include:

  • The Residential Rotating Proxies with over 1.25 million unique IPs you can access monthly.

  • The USA Rotating Proxies: with this plan, you have access to 10,000 unique IPs from Datacenters in the US. These proxies offer you fast and secure connections over both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

  • Mixed Rotating Proxies: you enjoy high-speed and reliable connectivity using both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

  • Private Proxies: Private proxies are designed for personal use with support for a maximum of 2 users at the rate of $0.5 per proxy.

Find the perfect Proxy Product.

Proxyrack offers a multiple options to suit most use cases, if you are unsure our 3 Day Trial allows you to test them all.

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Safety Tips for Using Instagram Proxies to Manage your multiple Instagram Accounts

  • Use one Instagram automation tool at a time to avoid making too many requests on Instagram’s servers to prevent Instagram from getting suspicious of your account activities.

  • Take time to build followers. Having more than a thousand followers within hours of creating an Instagram account can get you a ban from Instagram. You should automate your Instagram bots to take things nice and slow. Given time, your bot will amass the huge follower base you have always dreamed of.

  • Choose the right proxy service provider. Choosing the right proxy provider like ProxyRack makes sure you have access to reliable connections with minimum lag time for your Instagram bots to perform maximally.


Instagram Automation tools are the best tools you need for effective Instagram marketing campaigns and outreaches. These tools will save you from spending so much time and resources managing multiple Instagram accounts.

These tools can only function effectively to achieve your aim by combining them with proxies from ProxyRack.

Find the perfect Proxy Product.

Proxyrack offers a multiple options to suit most use cases, if you are unsure our 3 Day Trial allows you to test them all.

Residential proxies

Never get blocked, choose your location
View all option available

Datacenter proxies

Super fast and reliable
View all option available

3 Day Trial

Test all products to find the best fit
View all option available

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