Daniel - August 24, 2021

How To Scrape ProductHunt

This post will show you how to scrape ProductHunt, read on!

If you’re an online merchant, eCommerce, or even a customer, ProductHunt is a website for you. It’s a website where you can find new products in a variety of niches. All products you find on ProductHunt are submitted by users.

The site features a commenting system and a vote system. The products that receive the most votes move to the top of the daily rankings. There are four main product categories on ProductHunt. This includes games, technology items, podcasts, and books.

You can easily submit products to appear in the ProductHunt website. All you need to do is to provide the product title, URL, and a tagline. Since its launch, the website has helped users discover more than 100 million products from 50,000 different companies.

To make sure users don’t miss the trends, the site offers a daily email list that sends out the top tech items from the previous day and also a featured collection. Besides the website, you can make use of the ProductHunt iOS, macOS, and Android application. The platform also features a Chrome extension.

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ProductHunt Scraping

Why will anyone want to scrape ProductHunt? Well, you can imagine how valuable information and data ProductHunt possesses as a retailer: products, reviews, ratings, and more. Both sellers and vendors benefit from ProductHunt data scraping. In summary, ProductHunt is a one-stop location for all the product information you need.