Daniel - October 1, 2019

How to Set Up a Proxy for Skype

In need of a reliable proxy server for your Skype meetings a d video conferences? This tutorial is for you! Herein, we’ll be showing you comprehensive guidelines on how to run Skype on a proxy server, using ProxyRack.

Skype serves as the foremost video-conferencing platform, widely used by all and sundry, particularly PC users. The platform requires certain information like user location, which is duly shared with connected parties. And while this may be seen as nothing by some users, it may appear too revealing for others. So, if you want to spoof your location on Skype, you’d need the service of a proxy server.

There are numerous of proxy service providers out there; however, only a handful of them are standard enough to safely spoof IPs on a platform like Skype.

Nonetheless, of the few standard proxy providers out there, ProxyRack comfortably stands out – as one of the best around. Hence. we’ll be recommending ProxyRack in this tutorial, with apt guides on how to set it up for Skype. Read on!

Why do I need a proxy for Skype?

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Proxy server serves as a tricky avenue for spoofing IPs on the internet. And with the geographic orientation of a platform like Skype, you need a standard proxy server to safely conceal your geo-identity on the platform.

Typically, Skype requires you to enable the “location” feature on your device. This means you’d have to give permission to the app to use and share your locational attributes with others. This may mean nothing in actual sense, but many still see it as a privacy infraction.

In addition, it’s been gathered that Skype is heavily restricted in some locations, and violators may face jail-time if caught. Some countries in the Middle East and Far East are reputable for this. In fact, in some countries, censorship is placed on major download hubs to enforce compliance. And as appropriate, Microsoft offers no official support (on the use of Skype) in such countries; a situation visitors (and even citizen find it difficult to cope with.