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How to Unblock Facebook using Residential Proxies

Today, we will show you how to unblock your Facebook access by using residential proxies.

One of the biggest issues experienced by avid social media users is being blocked on the biggest social media – Facebook.

While being blocked by Facebook from accessing your old accounts may be an issue; however, being blocked out on your LAN or ISP is another thing. Some organizations whether business, education or NGOs with strong social media policy militates against Facebook activities while in the environment.

For instance, the employer may have a staunch approach against employees wasting valuable office hours by socializing online within the business environment. Also, school authorities may intentionally block students’ access to social media across their provided internet network.

Some notable countries such as Iran, North Korea, and China have blocked access to Facebook across their country.

Hence, we are going to show you how to unblock your Facebook account from anywhere in the world by using residential proxies.

But, before we proceed.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy server is seen as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. Hence, connecting to the internet via proxies facilitates the masking of the IP address of your computer; hence, the IP address of the proxy server is shown to the resource when requested.

In simpler terms, the proxy server replaces your computer’s IP address with the provided IP address by the proxy service. This ensures that you can access the internet most especially Facebook without limitations.

Basically, when you connect to the internet, your details are sent to the server of the websites you visit. This includes the IP address the server was sent from. On the other hand, your IP address is your internet identity.

Whenever a website is trying to block you out, they block your IP address from accessing their servers. Hence, whenever you send a connection request to the website, the website checks if your IP is allowed to access their servers. If not, your access to such a website will be denied.

While some proxies can be used for general applications, some proxies are dedicated to specific applications or online services such as Facebook.

How does Facebook Proxies work?

Facebook proxies are dedicated proxies that are usually facilitated by a private proxy network that allows users to access Facebook social media without constraints.

Besides, Facebook proxies work just like any other dedicated proxies – it serves as an intermediary between your computer and the Facebook server. Hence, Facebook will not be able to track your original IP address and location but rather the proxy-provided IP address which is not yours.

What are the benefits of using Facebook without proxies?

There are several benefits associated with using Facebook or any other social media without proxies. Some of which includes:

  • Improves Anonymity: If you want to remain anonymous while access Facebook, a proxy might be what you need. It has been observed that for black-hat Facebook practices, some users create phony Facebook accounts to boost page likes or to access geo-restricted Facebook services. Therefore, you should make use of Facebook proxies.

  • Hiding your IP address: If your IP address has been blocked by Facebook or by your ISP (most especially users based in Iran, China, and North Korea), then you should use Facebook proxies to bypass such restrictions.

  • Protection: Internet users who make use of proxies are provided with a level of protection against hackers. The fact that your IP address is unknown to Facebook or any other internet users indicates that you are much safer when surfing the web.

  • Performance: In simpler words, using proxies makes Facebook load faster. This is because Facebook servers cache their resources in real-time using CDN which allows users to access their information at a faster rate. For instance, if you use a Facebook proxy based in the USA, then you are assured of a faster load time while using the platform.

Why you need Residential Proxies for Facebook?

A residential proxy is one who provides an IP address from an Internet Service Provider and not a data center. This makes it one of the safest ways to access Facebook when you’re locked out.

Residential proxies make it look as though you are browsing from a different location in real-time. Also, Residential IP is the IP tied to a specific device and location. So, by changing your residential IP, it makes it seem like you changed your location. This is exactly what you need to unblock Facebook.

For instance, if you are in China where Facebook access is blocked, you may use a United States residential proxy and it will look like you’re browsing from there. Also, your IP location will show that you are browsing from the United States. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about China ISPs from blocking your Facebook access.

If you are truly keen on getting past Facebook restrictions at all costs, you might have heard about VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is useful for changing your internet identity too, but cannot be compared to a Proxy for a reason.

A VPN never has more than a few IP addresses, and continuous use of a few IP addresses rotationally will make you look like a real spammer. Therefore, a Facebook proxy is the ideal technology to go for.

If you have decided that a proxy is what you need, that’s not the end of the story. The next big issue is what Residential proxies do you need? Which is the best?

There are lots of Facebook proxies out there offering free services but they sell out users’ information. Also, free proxy sites are generally believed to be used for hacking and privacy infringement purposes.

Hence, if you value your online privacy, it is highly recommended that you make use of ProxyRack Proxy services. ProxyRack has a decent rating from users due to its superfast and affordable services.

Recommended ProxyRack Residential Proxies

ProxyRack has one of the massive proxy networks in the world today. They have many IP addresses pointing to many geo-locations. For instance, ProxyRack owns more than 1.25 million IP addresses on their Residential Rotating proxies’ plan, which you gain instant access to once you sign up.

One of the perks of their Residential Rotating Proxies plan is that users have access to more than 1.25 million unique IP addresses. Also, users can surf the web most especially Facebook by selecting any of the 40+ countries in which their proxy network compasses. Furthermore, their residential plan is available at $80 per month.

Besides, ProxyRack also provides dedicated Facebook proxies, which include:

  1. Rotating Facebook Proxies: this is a pricing package that is ideal for Facebook users who need a wide variety of non-exclusive Facebook IP addresses. Just as its name implies, the unique IPs are rotated among the subscribers of the plan. Also, users can access non-Facebook sites (whether HTTP or HTTPS) without issues.

  2. Shared Facebook Proxies: this Facebook proxies plan is exclusive for Facebook. Rated for its fast speed and reliability, these proxies emanate from Facebook datacenters. Hence, users share the same proxies with other subscribers on the Facebook’s network.

  3. Dedicated Facebook Proxies: this is another kind of Facebook proxies which is recommended for exclusive subscribers. Just as its name implies, the proxies are dedicated to the subscriber alone. Therefore, the proxies are not shared with other subscribers.

Furthermore, ProxyRack features other notable proxy plans for its users, which includes:

  • USA Rotating Proxies: This pricing package features proxies which is exclusive only to the USA location. Besides, their speed and reliability are extremely high since the proxies emanate from the USA data centers.

  • Mixed Rotating Proxies: Just as its name implies, these proxies emanate from different data centers owned by ProxyRack across the world. Moreover, ProxyRack has data centers in over 40 different countries worldwide.

  • Private Proxies: this kind of proxy package allows users to share their proxies with a maximum of only 3 users at $0.50 per proxy. One of the perks of this package is that subscribers can select their preferred proxy locations.

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If you have been blocked from accessing Facebook by your LAN or ISP, the good news is that you can unblock Facebook and access the internet without restrictions.

To do this, you need to subscribe to the ProxyRack’s Residential Proxies plan or any other ProxyRack plan. Afterward, you will be provided with your proxy details which consist of the unique IP address(es) and Ports. This information will be needed to configure your web browser before access Facebook.

Before you configure your web browser with your ProxyRack provided proxy information, you need to configure your PC’s proxy settings.

Here’s how to configure your proxy settings on Windows PC:

  • Press the Windows key, and then type ‘Network Proxy settings’ in the search bar.

  • Click on the displayed result.

  • Navigate to the ‘Manual Proxy settings’

  • Enter your proxy information (IP Address and Port) provided by ProxyRack in the ‘Address’ and ‘Port’ field.

  • If your PC is password-enabled, enter your system username and password.

  • Then ‘Save’ the proxy settings.

Afterward, you need to configure your web browser.

How to Configure Mozilla Firefox with your proxy information

Here’s how to configure Mozilla Firefox with your proxy information:

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

  • Go to Menu and then click on Options.

  • Scroll down to the Network Settings and then click on it

  • Tick the Manual Proxy checkbox and then enter your proxy server information. Note: this information will be provided by ProxyRack after subscribing to a Proxy Plan.

  • Also, tick the checkbox for “Use this proxy server for all protocols”.


Just like every other online services and websites, users’ access can be restricted. This tutorial is ideal for Facebook users who have been blocked. By subscribing to any of the ProxyRack’s Proxies Plan and applying this guide, you should be able to access Facebook from any region in the world without any debacle.

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Find the perfect Proxy Product.

Proxyrack offers a multiple options to suit most use cases, if you are unsure our 3 Day Trial allows you to test them all.

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