Sam - March 13, 2018

New Product Features 13 March 2018

We’ve been working hard in the background improving the service and increasing available bandwidth for all customers.

I’m pleased to announce that we have two feature upgrades you would have already noticed in your members area for the past month or so.


Previously there was no way to see how many connections you were making in your account.

Now you can view up to the last 60 minutes of your requests broken down by each minute.

  • Total Connections – The number of connections you initiated to the service for the whole minute

  • Failures Limit Reached How many connections were rejected by our servers for being over your package limit

  • Data received (KB) – Total bandwidth received back from your requests

  • Data sent (KB) – Total bandwidth you sent through your requests

Rotating Interval

Before the only rotating interval for you was either the “random new IP on each connection” or the “10 minute rotating ports”.

We’re pleased to also announce you can set! your own interval now

This ranges from 3 minutes – 30 minutes allowing you to complete a larger or small sequence before your IPs change in our backend.

If you have any questions on these new features please feel free to contact support and we’ll gladly assist you with your enquires.

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