Daniel - March 16, 2022

Proxyrack: The Best VIP72 Alternative

Do you want the best VIP72 alternative? Read on to find out in this post.

Are you - or were you - a VIP72 user? Unfortunately, the service is no longer available. Not to worry, you can still browse the internet safely using the best VIP72 alternative - ProxyRack. 

What Happened To VIP72? 

VIP72 was a VPN and Proxy service. It’s been around for a long time as it was launched in 2006. Over the years, VIP72 gathered hundreds of users who needed to browse the internet safely and protect their online privacy. With features like DoubleVPN, Open VPN, and 2048-bit encryption, VIP72 was one of the best. 

Sometime in August 2021, the VIP72 website went offline to the surprise of many users. If you try visiting the website now, you’ll get an error saying “server not found”. No one knows what happened to VIP72 as the service admins didn’t publish as fore notice regarding a shutdown. 

Since there wasn’t any notice, it is most likely that VIP72 was either confiscated by law enforcement or was the victim of a fatal cyber attack. At the time, some of the service’s private users were still able to connect even if the website wasn’t loading. However, since then, everyone has dropped VIP72. 

As an internet user, you could say that replacing VIP72 won’t be difficult; after all, there are many proxy and VPN services out there. There is, however, a problem - not all VPNs and proxy services are reliable. 

Using an unreliable proxy is worse than not using a proxy at all. Unreliable proxy providers could intentionally collect and sell/leak your data to third parties.