Proxyrack Compliance Initiatives

We are always striving for better compliance and ethical usage, below are some of our recent projects and initiatives.

KYC of customers

"Know Your Customer" is a system where new customers are verified by submitting their ID. This allows us to better protect our network from un-ethical activity
Become Peer

Pro-active anti-credential stuffing technology

Our built in-house system monitors users for suspicious activity, if a user's activity is flagged they are manually reviews and action is taken. Actions include blocking access to websites and cancelling user's accounts depending on the situation.
Track connections

Opt-in IPs

We require consent for IPs in the Proxyrack network and require opt-in and easy removal of our software packages

New acquired IPs are compensated

Many of our new peers are directly compensated from sharing their internet bandwidth.
Earn money from active and idle users

Accounts are manually reviewed

Users are periodically reviewed to ensure ethical activity and our compliance team flags any suspicious activity.
Access all proxies

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