DNS Leak Test Tool

Check if your VPN is secretly leaking DNS

DNS Leak Tool

Check if your VPN is secretly leaking DNS

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What is a DNS Leak?

Let’s pretend your real location is in Australia and you connect to a US VPN. When you load a web page or connect to anything that uses a domain name such as example.com you send off a DNS requests that checks what IP address is assigned to example.com.

A DNS leak can occur when you still query your standard DNS servers in Australia instead of the United States, allowing servers to recognize that you are connected actually in Australia without knowing your real IP address.

How can I fix this?

If you’re experiencing a DNS leak with your VPN then it would be best to contact your VPN provider and inform them about it so that they can resolve the problem for you and other users.

You can also use our Residential VPN which protects its users from DNS leaks


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