August 17, 2018

SoundCloud Bots with Proxies – Thousands of Plays On Demand

There’s no better tool on the internet today than SoundCloud when it comes to getting attention in the world of music right now.

Miles beyond than any other platform that caters to new and “unknown” artists, SoundCloud gives EVERY musician in opportunity to be heard, to be discovered, and to get picked up by some of the major labels in the recording industry.

As a musician, you’ll have more control over your SoundCloud platform.

You’ll have more access to critical data that helps you cater your account, your music, and your persona to the kinds of people you are attracting.

And above all else, you’ll have a lot more interaction with your core audience, the listeners that are going to help you become the “next big thing” rather than another run-of-the-mill act that never really makes it in this business.

Of course, there’s nothing “autopilot” about success on SoundCloud.

This is where a lot of musicians have a difficult time wrapping their head around everything that this platform has to offer. They signed up for a platform that would handle all of the heavy lifting as far as getting exposure is concerned, never realizing that they were going to have to be the driving force behind their marketing on SoundCloud – and that’s why so many great artists and killer bands end up falling by the wayside without any attention on SoundCloud.

If you’re ready to take your success to the next level, if you’re ready to create the kind of musical career you have been dreaming about, and if you are ready to flood your SoundCloud account with thousands and thousands of plays – giving you a significant advantage over the incredibly competitive field in the music industry today – you are going to want to pay very close attention to EVERYTHING we share below.

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to take advantage of SoundCloud bot solution that immediately grant you the kind of audience never have had access to – all on autopilot, without any heavy lifting whatsoever.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Let’s dig right in!

Take advantage of online leverage to get the audience and exposure you deserve

The biggest advantage you will be able to leverage when you choose to use SoundCloud play bot tools is the ability to immediately flood your account with tons of “plays”, which inevitably shoots you up the internal SoundCloud rankings and gives you a whole lot more exposure than you would have been able to generate all on your own.

SoundCloud bot tools have been around quite a while now, but recently the engineers behind SoundCloud have found ways to “patch” previously used exploits that allowed anyone using the SoundCloud desktop app to get as many plays as they wanted at any point in time – tinkering with search results, influencing how often they showed up in other people’s SoundCloud accounts, and increasing the amount of exposure that they were getting all at the same time.

For a while there, artists had absolutely no alternative to lean on to help them get the instant exposure they were after SoundCloud.

But now, with next generation SoundCloud bot technology that takes full advantage of online proxy tools, you will be able to flood your player account almost immediately without ever triggering the internal safeguards and alarms that SoundCloud uses to determine when someone is fudging the numbers.

A little bit about how online proxies work with SoundCloud bot discord tools

Let’s make this perfectly clear:

If SoundCloud catches you using bots on your account they aren’t just going to shut down your artist page and delist all of your music, but they are also going to work to ban your IP address so that you can’t join SoundCloud later down the line, either.

It’s a nuclear option for sure, but it does a good job at deterring people that don’t know how to make the most of advanced SoundCloud bots from even attempting to play around with this “cheat code”.

Your average SoundCloud musician with a little bit of tech savviness is going to use old-school SoundCloud play bot tools that are almost immediately flagged, detected, and then they catch and instant ban.

But not you.

By choosing to use advanced SoundCloud bot technology that utilizes online proxies you’re going to be able to bounce the IP address of ALL of your unique plays around the world. This guarantees that all of your new plays end up showing up on SoundCloud servers just like organic plays would have, helping you increase your play count without ever having to worry about getting caught by “the fuzz”.

Of course, not just any SoundCloud online proxies are going to work.

Free online proxies are ridiculously slow and always leave breadcrumbs behind for SoundCloud to detect, and aren’t ever a smart choice for musicians serious about increasing their visibility on the platform. Trying to run a SoundCloud play bot or a SoundCloud follower bot off of a free proxy is going to have you wanting to pull your hair out at the roots!

Sure, this kind of approach can work in a pinch and if you are completely broke. But it takes so long to get even a handful plays added to your account that it might take you a week or more just to add five or six of them – and who wants to wait that long for no real impact whatsoever?

Secondly, you want to be sure that you will avoid taking advantage of SoundCloud bot discord tools that use semi-dedicated online proxies.

These proxies are a step above the free options you’ll find online today and you’ll notice in immediate speed increase over free solutions for sure. But on the flip side of things you’ll end up sharing that IP address with dozens and dozens of other people online, people that may be using SoundCloud bots themselves.

All it takes is for one person to slip up on a semi-dedicated proxy and before you know it that IP address has been banned as well. You might get your SoundCloud account retroactively tossed in the ban bin just because of the actions of some total internet stranger.

Dedicated online proxies are the way to go when you’re looking for free SoundCloud place.

These solutions are going to give you total control over the SoundCloud desktop app that dictates the behavior of your bots, but it also guarantees that you won’t ever have to worry about someone else getting your SoundCloud account flagged, either.

Some of the better services out there offering online proxies for SoundCloud plays will let you buy 25 individual proxy addresses at once. These are the kinds of investments you’ll want to make if you’re serious about flooding your account with all kinds of organic looking plays and followers, the kind of activity you need to enjoy the type of success you’re hoping on this social media platform.

Highlighting some of the SoundCloud bots you will be able to play around with

There are literally dozens and dozens of SoundCloud bot options available to take advantage of right now, some better than others.

Below we highlight a few that we consider to be the very best of the bunch – the kinds of bots that work perfectly with SoundCloud online proxy services like the ones that we make available.

SoundCloud Automator

Perhaps the most popular of all the different SoundCloud bot solutions on the market right now, this particular set up is maybe the easiest of them all to use.

Literally all you have to do is download the tool (it is a premium piece of software but it includes a free lifetime updated license), connect it to the online proxies have chosen to take advantage of, and then follow the on-screen prompts that allow you to increase the amount of plays, downloads, and SoundCloud followers you have on your account.

This tool is about as close to set it and forget it as it gets!

SoundCloud Manager

Another of the more popular options that you will be able to utilize, this tool is going to help you put your play increases on autopilot and a much more organic way than many of the other bots available.

You’ll be able to choose the amount of plays you want to be added each individual track that you have on your account, but you’ll also be to add those plays organically. A frequency slider lets you determine just how frequently or infrequently your play count increases, the amount and frequency of your download, and the amount and frequency of your new followers that get added to your SoundCloud account.

Built right into one of the friendliest user interfaces in the SoundCloud bot discord world is also an intelligent follow and on follow module that will also handle autopilot comments on your tracks as well the tracks of other accounts are following.

Think of SoundCloud Manager as basically cloning yourself when you are on the platform, giving you the ability to autopilot your own behavior on SoundCloud so that your interfacing with the platform 24/7.

Tips and tricks for getting the most of free SoundCloud bot plays

The most important thing you can do when you are utilizing online proxies to increase your SoundCloud profile is to try and do so as rapidly but as organically as possible.

Obviously, the reason you are looking to take advantage of all this technology is to increase the amount of influence you have as a musician on SoundCloud.

Nobody wants to go through the process of finding online proxies, downloading SoundCloud bots, and then configuring everything just to add a trickle of activity to their SoundCloud account that is inevitably going to be outpaced by organic traffic.

At the same time, you need to make sure that you dial in the frequency of your new follows, your new download, and your new plays.

If you try and take your account from almost no activity whatsoever to bursting at the seams and rivaling some of the most popular musicians on SoundCloud today for night you are inevitably going to trigger a whole bunch of warning signs and alarms.

Start off by getting just a handful of increased plays and followers, building up and building up slowly – but surely – until you kick off the kind of “snowball effect” that warrants a whole lot more activity.

Yes, it will take a little bit longer to achieve the kind of success you’re looking for on SoundCloud – and in the music industry in general – with this more organic looking approach. But it’s also the ONLY way to make sure that you don’t trigger the wrong kind of alarms at SoundCloud forcing them to shut your account down before you ever get a chance to achieve the type of recognition you deserve.

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you are rotating through at least a dozen or more different individual proxies for each and every bit of activity you have on your account.

As we highlighted above, rinsing and repeating proxies is a quick way to get yourself caught red-handed by the folks at SoundCloud. Instead, you’ll want to make sure that new proxies are constantly being refreshed, constantly being flushed through your SoundCloud bot system, and regularly updating from the proxy service you have chosen to so that your traffic continues to look 100% organic.

Use all the inside information we have highlighted above and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever getting amazing results on SoundCloud – and getting them a whole lot faster than you ever would have thought possible before!