Proxies For Multiple Account Creation

Discover how using Proxyrack proxies gives you the freedom to create as many online accounts as you need.

Looking to register multiple accounts online? Here's how a proxy can help

If you're an individual or a business looking to set up multiple accounts online on a single platform, then Proxyrack proxies are your safest bet. We'll show you why creating multiple accounts is useful and how proxies make it possible.

What is multiple account creation?

Multiple account creation involves creating several different accounts for one entity. This could mean one person creating many different social media accounts. Or it could be an eCommerce business that wants to open up multiple seller accounts. 

There are many reasons why someone may want to create multiple accounts online.

Not all sites allow multiple account creation, and once detected you could be banned if you violate the website's terms of service, which is why proxies are so useful.

What are the benefits of creating multiple online accounts?

There are masses of benefits to creating multiple online accounts. If you run a business, it improves your marketing and can help to increase profits. Individuals may simply want to set up multiple gaming accounts.

Let's explore some of the uses and benefits of creating multiple accounts online.

  1. Managing emails: For business owners, opening several email accounts with different addresses is invaluable for keeping things organized. By using different accounts for different functions or departments, managing your business will be trouble-free, and your customers will be better supported as you'll be able to provide them with more efficient customer service.

    You may also need unique email addresses to set up multiple accounts on other platforms, such as Amazon.

  2. Social media: Large businesses will need multiple accounts across all social media platforms. If your company has various offices, departments, and branches, one social account just isn’t going to cut it. If you operate internationally, you'll need accounts for multiple countries so that you can connect with all of your customers.

  3. eCommerce: If you run an eCommerce business, having multiple seller accounts can make your business more profitable. Let's say your eBay seller account is temporarily or permanently banned. No problem! Having multiple accounts means you can simply use another one to continue selling to your customers.

  4. Payment platforms: If you use the same payment details across multiple eCommerce seller accounts, then you'll most likely get banned. So, you need multiple payment platform accounts as well. If you have more than one business, you'll also need different payment accounts for each one.

  5. Gamers: Some games limit the number of skills and upgrades a character can achieve through one account. Opening multiple accounts for the same game allows you to experience everything your character has to offer.

Why do you need proxies for multiple account registration?

On most websites, trying to create multiple accounts from one IP address is certain to get you banned from the site you're using. That's why you need a proxy server from Proxyrack. A proxy account will appear to be from a different IP address than your 'home' address, allowing you to safely create as many accounts as you want.

A residential proxy is the safest and best choice for account registration. These proxies are linked to real devices that have been opted into the network, meaning they point to a physical location.

Let's take a closer look at why you should be using an account registration proxy from Proxyrack.

1. Geo-targeting

Our residential proxies allow you to access content and platforms that are geo-restricted. What does that mean for you? Well, let's say you want to set up an account on an eCommerce platform that operates in China, but your business is based in the US. By using one of our proxies, you can get around the geo-restrictions and set up several accounts.

In fact, our proxies allow you to target and sell to customers in over 140 countries. If you have a very specific target audience in mind, you can even focus on individual cities.

2. Resist blocking

We have a huge pool of IP addresses to help you avoid getting blocked from sites. You can choose from millions of unique addresses and assign them to each of your accounts. This means that sites won't be able to tell that you're creating multiple accounts, and you won't get blocked.

Best proxies for creating multiple accounts online

Both our residential and datacenter proxies are suitable for multiple account creation.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

While our residential proxies are the best choice for multiple account creation, our datacenter proxies are also very efficient. As they're hosted on a clean network, they’re incredibly fast, meaning you'll have to spend less time creating your accounts.

Unlock the power of multiple account creation with Proxyrack today

If you're ready to start utilizing the power of having multiple online accounts, then Proxyrack is here to help you. Our industry-leading datacenter and residential proxies give you everything you need to register accounts across multiple platforms and different countries. Sign up today and watch your business skyrocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to create multiple online accounts?

Yes, there's nothing illegal about creating multiple accounts online. However, it may be against certain platforms’ terms and conditions. Other platforms, like Google, allow you to create unlimited accounts. Some sites, like Amazon, allow you to create multiple accounts if you have a legitimate business purpose. Regardless of the site rules on multiple account creation, using a proxy allows you to make as many accounts as you want without the risk of them being banned or blocked for violating the website’s terms of use.

Can I trial an account creation proxy before I buy?

If you're after a proxy for account creation, then you probably want to try it out first. At Proxyrack, we give all our customers access to a 7-day paid trial of our proxies. That way, you can experience the amazing benefits of using a proxy for multiple account creation before you commit to a paid subscription. This option gives you access to all our proxy services so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Why choose Proxyrack proxies for multiple account creation?

Our proxies allow you to target over 140 countries, have no IP address limits, are almost impossible to detect, and are very affordable. They’re also super-fast and reliable, so what are you waiting for? Try our services out today!

How many proxies are needed for creating multiple online accounts?

This is relative to how many accounts you're going to be registering. If you're a big business that needs lots of social media accounts in different countries and across multiple platforms, then you'll need a lot of proxies. If you're a gamer that wants several accounts for a single game, then you won't need as many.

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