HTTPs Proxies

HTTP proxies can be used to bypass geo-restrictions, improve your privacy and increase security. Keep reading to learn more about the excellent HTTP proxy options at Proxyrack and how they can improve your online experience.

What is an HTTP proxy?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) refers to the rules that govern how information is passed and exchanged over the internet.

By typing a web address into your search bar, your computer sends an HTTP request to the web server. This web server request asks for the desired webpage.

The web server will then respond with its own HTTP response which includes the content of the website.

How do HTTP proxies work?

HTTP proxies work as intermediary web servers. When you make an HTTP request, this goes to the proxy which then sends it to the server on your behalf.

The response then goes back to the proxy which forwards it to your computer.

By working as a middleman, the HTTP proxy helps to keep your information like your IP address private. Different IP addresses and server locations can be used to help you bypass network restrictions.

Many restrictions can limit who can see website content based on their location. By masking your location and using a proxy, you can tell the website you are in a different location.

HTTP proxies can also be used for caching. This is the process of storing commonly accessed content. This can improve the speed and performance of your search.

HTTP vs HTTPS proxies

Both HTTP and HTTPS proxies are protocols that facilitate the transfer of data across the internet. We have already discussed HTTP, but HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

The main difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that HTTPS uses encryption to further secure the data that is being transferred.

An HTTP proxy (with no padlock security) can process HTTP and HTTPS (websites with the padlock). Using a HTTPS proxy makes sure the connection and the website contents are encrypted and secure.

HTTPS proxies are designed to handle the transfer of encrypted data while HTTP proxies are not.

Benefits of using an HTTP proxy

Using a Proxyrack HTTP proxy server can significantly improve your online experience. We offer a range of great proxies that improve access and security.

Take a look below to find the biggest benefits that HTTP proxy servers offer users:

1. Security

One of the biggest reasons people use a web proxy server is to enjoy enhanced security.

An HTTP server can minimize the risk of cyber criminals by acting as a buffer. An HTTP proxy server can help to protect you against:

  • Spyware

  • Malware

  • Hackers

  • Phishing attacks

  • Password theft

  • Identity theft

An HTTP proxy server can also help to mask your IP address. This protects your privacy and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

2. Filtering content

You can use your HTTP proxy server to block certain types of content. By configuring your proxy in this way, you can ensure schools, workplaces, and other organizations are protected from potentially harmful or offensive content.

3. Improve privacy

HTTP proxies can be used to improve your privacy. By acting as a middleman when requesting and receiving data, you can't be traced. This is a great way for people to minimize the amount of personal data that appears online. It can also be beneficial for security purposes.

4. Geolocation benefits

Some websites will limit access to users based on their location. Using an HTTP proxy will mask your location. The proxy's IP address will then help you access the data you require.

At Proxyrack we offer an extensive range of country, city, and IP locations on our proxies. This can help you gain access to location-restricted data.

5. Reliability

HTTP proxy services offer an excellent service that can help with load balancing. This spreads web traffic across a range of proxy servers to improve reliability and reduce downtime.

Find the most effective HTTP proxy with Proxyrack

We offer an extensive collection of proxies for HTTP. This means Proxyrack can help you to stay anonymous and secure online, no matter your needs.

Private Unmetered Residential

Use these proxies for your more difficult, large or complex projects

Starting from




Premium Residential

Our cleanest proxy pool

Starting from




Unmetered Residential

For your larger projects, lots of data and threads

Starting from




USA Rotating Datacenter

Quick and reliable datacenter proxies based in the USA

Starting from




Global Rotating Datacenter

Fast and reliable datacenter proxies from around the globe

Starting from




Static USA Datacenter

Proxies that don't rotate from the USA

Starting from




Canada Datacenter Proxies

Quick and reliable datacenter proxies based in the Canada

Starting from




HTTP proxy options include:

Our Private Unmetered Residential package is available for just $65.95. This option is ideal for large, complex projects.

The Premium Residential option starts at $49.95 per month. You will find Proxyrack's cleanest IPs, with over 5 million to choose from.

If you are looking for an HTTP proxy for large projects that require significant amounts of data and threads, our Unmetered Residential package is ideal. This option starts at $199 per month.

The USA Rotating Datacenter option offers users a quick and reliable selection of U.S.-based datacenter proxies. This option boasts GEO target cities and a regularly changing IP network. This option starts from $65 per month.

The Global Rotating Datacenter option provides more diverse GEO targeting which includes cities and countries. Users will benefit from more than 20,000 worldwide IP addresses and an IP network that regularly changes. Prices begin at $65 per month.

The Static USA Datacenter starts at $50 per month and guarantees proxies that don't rotate from the USA. Users will benefit from uncapped data and more than 2,000 static IP address options.

The Canada Datacenter Proxies provides datacenter proxies located in Canada for just $65 per month. This is a quick and reliable option that makes the most of Canadian IPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an HTTP proxy?

An HTTP proxy is an excellent way to explore web pages privately. HTTP proxies also help to protect the user's computer from cyber criminals by creating a buffer when searching online.

The proxy serves as an HTTP client and server to protect users. They can also benefit searches by masking locations and allowing access to GEO-restricted content.

How do I get an HTTP proxy?

Getting an HTTP proxy is easy with Proxyrack. Simply browse the options below to find the one that best suits your needs.

Users can enjoy risk-free HTTP proxy benefits thanks to our 7-day trial. This gives you access to a range of excellent products to make sure you find the right one for you.

How do I configure an HTTP proxy?

Configuring your Proxyrack proxy couldn't be easier. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Take note of your current IP address

2. Log in to your computers user dashboard and locate the proxy

3. Follow the easy instructions to configure your proxy for the relevant web browser. These include:

If you have any difficulty, simply visit our help page for a detailed guide.

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