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If you're buying sneakers online, then you'll soon run into trouble without a sneaker proxy. Sneaker sites are on the lookout for bots and IP addresses that aren't in the right regions. 

Let us show you how Proxyrack's sneaker proxies can help you to go undetected, bypass geo-restrictions, and more.

What problems can occur when buying sneakers online?

There are a number of problems that you'll encounter when trying to buy sneakers online. Whether you're copping sneakers as a business opportunity, or just building up your personal collection, you'll run into similar issues.

  • For limited edition sneakers, there's usually only a small window of opportunity to buy them. They often sell out within minutes. 

  • Plus, sneaker sites mostly limit each buyer to purchasing one pair. This means you're unable to buy multiple pairs of sneakers from one IP address.

So, to get around this, buyers use sneaker bots. These are automated pieces of software that make multiple purchases on sneaker websites and automatically complete the checkout process.

However, there's a problem.

  • Sneaker sites detect IP addresses that are using bots and ban them from accessing the sites. This means if you're making multiple purchases from the same IP address, you're most likely going to get banned.

  • Sneaker sites also often restrict releases to certain geographic regions. If you're using an IP from outside of this region, you'll miss out on that release. These are the reasons that you need a proxy server from Proxyrack.

What are the different types of sneaker proxy?

The three types of sneaker proxies are residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and ISP proxies.

Residential sneaker proxies work exceptionally well because they use IP addresses that are tied to real internet service providers (ISPs). This makes them hard to detect and allows your bot or bots to run a large number of tasks on a sneaker site at the same time. Residential proxies are ideal for sneaker sites that are known for heavily banning.

Both rotating residential proxies and static residential proxies can be used for sneaker botting, but rotating proxies tend to be harder to detect.

Rotating datacenter proxies are another great choice for buying sneakers online. They're not tied to IP addresses from ISPs but are incredibly fast. This makes them ideal for buying multiple pairs of sneakers when you know that they'll sell out really quickly.

Proxyrack's datacenter proxies give you amazing speed and anonymity; we have a pool of over 20,000 unique datacenter proxies.

ISP proxies also have a lot of speed but they lack the authority of residential proxies and are more likely to get banned. While datacenter, residential and ISP proxies can all be used for buying sneakers online, residential and datacenter proxies are your best bet.

How do sneaker proxies help?

1. Getting past geo-restrictions

If you want to buy sneakers from sites that are geo-restricted, then a datacenter or residential proxy from Proxyrack gives you the power to do so. Our supreme proxies allow you to access restricted sites in more than 140 countries.

Let's say you're based in the US and Nike has a limited edition sneaker release that's only available in the UK. Our proxies give you access to UK IP addresses so that you can bypass the geo-restrictions and get the sneakers you want. This allows you to start sneaker copping in any country that you please.

2. Making multiple sneaker purchases

Proxyrack provides the best sneaker proxies for making multiple sneaker purchases online. Our unmetered residential proxies give you access to an IP pool of over 2 million monthly IPs. This means that each purchase you make on a sneaker site will be coming from a unique IP.

You can then make multiple purchases from sneaker websites that limit buyers to a single purchase. Proxyrack gives you more anonymity than all other sneaker proxy providers.

3. High-speed sneaker purchasing

Using a Proxyrack proxy means that your bots will have the speed they need to make as many purchases as you want within a short purchase window. This is perfect for limited edition sneaker drops that sell out within minutes. Our hassle-free sneaker proxies help you to stay ahead of the crowd.

ISP sneaker proxies can be used for this, but the fastest sneaker proxies are Proxyrack's datacenter proxies.

Best proxies for sneakers

Proxyrack's residential and datacenter proxies are the best choice for buying sneakers online.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sneaker bots and sneaker proxies legal?

Although using a sneaker bot will frequently violate the terms and conditions of websites, it's not illegal. There are no laws in the US against using bots to purchase sneakers online.

How many sneaker proxies do I need?

The number of proxies you'll need for sneaker copping depends on a number of factors. If you're using bots to complete several different tasks, then it's generally recommended to use one proxy for each task. However, this isn't always the case.

The number of proxies you need also depends on the site you're targeting, the proxy types you're using, and the bot software being used. If you want a better idea of how many proxies you need,contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for more advice.

Why choose sneaker proxies from Proxyrack?

Proxyrack's sneaker proxies are incredibly hard to detect, meaning you can make multiple sneaker purchases from the same site. Our proxies are also super fast so that you can beat the clock during tight purchase windows.

Proxyrack proxies give you access to huge IP pools and we don't impose an IP number limit, unlike most other proxy providers. You'll also have access to IPs in over 140 countries so you can smash through geo-restrictions.

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