Proxies For Surveys

Discover the ways in which a Proxyrack survey proxy can boost your rewards and earnings when taking or distributing online surveys.

Take your online surveys to the next level with a Proxyrack proxy

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn cash and rewards. However, many survey websites have restrictions that limit your earning potential. 

Similarly, businesses that wish to use surveys for marketing purposes can run into roadblocks. 

A Proxyrack proxy helps you beat these restrictions to take full advantage of the world of surveys online.

What problems can you face when conducting surveys online?

1. Geo-restrictions

Companies from all over the world use online surveys to gather information about their customers. They often pay people to take these surveys as the data gathered from them is highly valuable.

Unfortunately, these surveys are often targeted at specific geographic locations and the customer bases within these regions. Survey sites like PrizeRebel and Swagbucks often use geo-targeted surveys to collect data from relevant audiences.

This means that IP addresses from outside of these regions are unable to access these sites and take the surveys. This can be really frustrating as taking surveys online can be an excellent way of earning money from the comfort of your home. Surveys are also great marketing tools for companies that want to reach a wide audience, and geo-restrictions limit that.

2. Lack of privacy

When accessing survey sites, you want to protect your privacy. Any information you submit should be with your consent. However, if you're using a survey site with your own IP address and public browsing profile, the site can easily extract your data.

Plus, if you're not using a proxy server, information such as your location, browser, and device will be visible. There are plenty of reasons you might not want this information to be readily available. So, staying anonymous when accessing survey sites is important.

3. Survey limits

Most survey websites only allow you to take a specific survey once. If you're being paid to take a survey then you're going to want to take it multiple times. One way that users try to get around this is to create multiple accounts for the same survey website.

However, many survey sites have duplicate IP address features that block you from taking a survey more than once from the same IP address. So, taking the survey multiple times from your real IP address isn't possible.

4. Restricted data gathering

If you're a business conducting market research, then you may find that you're restricted when gathering data. You want to reach as many customers as possible to gather information about their opinions, preferences, and behaviors. This is another area where geo-restrictions become an issue.

As a business, you'll most likely want your surveys to reach a global audience. Yet, without a proxy, your surveys will be restricted to certain regions.

How do survey proxies help?

1. Bypass geo-restrictions

Proxyrack's residential proxies and datacenter proxies are the best solution for bypassing geo-restrictions on survey sites. By using our proxy service, you gain access to a huge pool of unique IP addresses in over 140 countries. This allows you to access surveys that are only usually available to users in a certain region.

Imagine there's a well-paying survey that's being targeted at customers in India, but you're based in the US. You can use our residential proxies or datacenter proxies to generate an IP address in India, take the survey, and get paid.

Our proxy servers are also perfect for companies that conduct surveys online. If you want to test out your survey from the perspective of a particular customer base, then you can use a proxy server to change your IP address. You can then experience the survey as a customer from that region would.

If you are distributing surveys for market research, you will also be able to receive responses from customers in regions that are usually restricted. This will significantly increase your pool of data and allow you to expand your marketing campaigns.

2. Maintain your privacy

The information that you submit in a survey should be the only information that the website gathers from you. Unfortunately, survey sites regularly extract other personal data.

Proxyrack's datacenter proxies and residential proxies give you complete anonymity while you take surveys online. Our residential proxies give you access to over 2 million monthly IP addresses so that you can access survey websites in privacy. We're the proxy provider you need to keep your online data private.

3. Get paid for the same survey more than once

If you use a proxy server from Proxyrack, you can continually switch IP addresses and take the same survey multiple times. This means you can keep earning incentives and making money.

When using a residential proxy, you'll have access to a massive pool of IPs. Each one will be tied to a real internet service provider (ISP) which makes it incredibly hard to detect them.

Our datacenter proxies are the fastest offered by any proxy provider. So, you'll be able to take multiple surveys in a short space of time.

Best proxies for surveys

Our datacenter and residential proxies are the ideal choice for taking surveys online.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial a survey proxy before I buy?

If you'd like to try out Proxyrack's survey proxy service then we offer 7-day trials of our datacenter and residential proxies. The trial costs just $13.95 and gives you immediate access to:

  • 5 Private Unmetered Residential Ports

  • 1GB Premium Residential proxies

  • 250 USA Rotating Datacenter Threads

  • 250 Global Rotating Datacenter Threads

  • 100 Static USA Datacenter IPs

How many survey proxies do I need?

The number of survey proxies you need depends on how many surveys you want to take, how many times you want to take certain surveys, and how many different geo-restrictions you want to bypass.

You'll need access to a pool of IP addresses if you're going to be jumping around regions and taking surveys multiple times. However, you may not necessarily need a lot of different proxies to achieve this.

Still, you need to make sure that the proxies you use are secure, reliable, and fast. That's why you should choose a survey proxy from Proxyrack. Get in touch with our friendly experts for more advice on which plan is right for you.

Why choose a survey proxy from Proxyrack?

A survey proxy from Proxyrack gives you the power to beat geo-restrictions, maintain your privacy, and switch IPs to take surveys multiple times. You'll have access to unique IPs in over 140 countries and can rest assured that the proxy you use will be incredibly hard to detect.

A Proxyrack survey proxy means that you can keep on earning incentives from survey sites, and cashing in on rewards.

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