Proxies For Surveys

How To Benefit From Online Surveys

Make Extra Money Online

Millions of people make money off the internet everyday and paid surveys are one of the popular options. You just have to answer a couple of questions or drop some reviews and you can earn a few bucks. All from the comfort of your home.

Although it can be difficult to earn sizable amounts, completing surveys require zero skills. Also, there are some top websites that are worth your time. You must have heard of websites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, LifePoints, MyPoints, and Opinion Outpost.

Gather Valuable Data

On the business part, surveys are great for gathering data. In fact, it’s one of the best means of data collection on the internet. You can get data about your customer’s preferences, behaviors, demographics, opinions, and a lot more.

You’re sure that you’re getting real-time data when you use surveys. With such data, you’ll be able to make better business decisions. It’ll give you an edge over your competitors as you know exactly what your customers want.

Minimal Cost

For businesses, conducting online surveys are the cheapest ways to get insight about your target audience. You can conduct an online survey while spending $0 with all the free tools out there. Not to mention it’s also the fastest.

Online surveys are cheaper and faster than conducting face to face interviews, making calls, or any other traditional means of data collection. It also doesn’t cost the audience much; just a few megabytes of data and a few minutes.

  1. How Our Proxies Can Help You

Do you face any problems with online surveys? Our proxies can help you in different ways:


Most often than not, surveys are for a target audience. What do you do when a high-paying survey isn’t available in your country? Well, you can count on us. The internet is free and everyone should have equal access.

With our Geo-targeted proxies, you can switch your IP address to that of any country and partake in any survey. For companies targeting a particular audience, this can also help you test your surveys from a customer’s perspective.

High Speed

The more surveys you complete, the more money you make. You’ll be able to complete many surveys when your network is fast and we can help make that possible. Our datacenter proxies are very fast proxies with high success rates.

We use nodes with up to 5Mbps speed. For companies using survey bots, you can count on our proxies to ensure fast response time to all survey participants.


When taking online surveys, you only want to submit the information you consent to. Also, you might not want to provide your real location, device, browser, etc. If you don’t protect your privacy, you’ll give out more than you want. Websites can simply pull what they want from your public browsing profile.

Our proxies can help you protect your online privacy by masking your real IP. We offer real residential IPs which are highly anonymous.

Static and Rotating Ports

Some surveys take time. If you constantly switch IPs, you can get blocked out. Our static ports allow you to use sticky sessions. You can make use of one IP address for 3 to 30 minutes. It gives you enough time to complete your survey before switching IPs.

We also offer rotating ports which can switch thousands of IP addresses in minutes. You can use this as a business if you’re handling multiple participants at a time.

  1. Why Should You Use ProxyRack?

Massive Network

No matter the survey, no matter the location, you can always count on our massive network. Our proxy network spans 140 countries in different parts of the world. You can target a particular country or city if you wish.

We have millions of residential IPs and thousands of data center IP addresses. Every month, we add up to 2 million unique proxies to the network so it continues expanding.

Real Technical Support

Our proxies are easy to use. Nevertheless, our real technical support team is available if you run into any challenges. We’ll provide all the answers and assistance you need.

Money-Back Guarantee

All our new customers can get a refund after 3 days if they don’t like our service. You have nothing to fear and we’re confident you’ll love our service.

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