Proxies For Website Testing

Find out how a Proxyrack web testing proxy helps you boost your site's security and optimize its performance.

Streamline your website testing processes with a Proxyrack proxy

Testing your website is vital for its security and usability. However, your testing capabilities are limited if you're using your own IP address. 

We're going to show you how you can enhance your testing processes with a web testing proxy from Proxyrack.

What problems can occur when testing a website?

  1. Testing geo-targeted content - If you've set up your website to display different content and third-party data to customers in different regions, then you need to be able to test this out. Of course, you want the data and content to be relevant and to appear in different languages to increase your global reach.

    Yet, how can you tell if the correct content is being shown to audiences in different locations? This is one of the main problems you'll encounter during the testing process.

    When you try to access content that's restricted to different countries from the one you're based in, you won't get through the process of IP authentication. This is because you're trying to access it as a real user with an IP address in a country that can't access that content. This is one of the main reasons you need to use a Proxyrack proxy server (we will look at using proxies for website testing in more detail below).

  2. Testing user engagement - Using automated tools is a key part of the website testing environment. They make it easier and quicker to test various aspects of the user experience on your website.

    They can help you to test your website's performance on different devices such as desktops, tablets, and cell phones. You may also want to see how your website performs when it's used in different browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge and identify any potential issues with browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness.

    The issue is that web servers are likely to block these automation tools as they're on the lookout for bot activity. This is another reason why proxy servers are essential when you're testing your website. They can identify slow page loading, broken links, incomplete forms, and provide a simulated user experience.

  3. Testing your site's security - When you set up your website, you obviously want it to be as secure as possible. So, you'll use the best security methods to protect your website and its users.

    Still, how can you be sure that your site will actually be secure if it's attacked? Without testing it yourself, you can't be.

    The best way to test the security of your site is to use automated penetration tools. For this to be effective, you'll want the source of these penetration tests to come from different IP addresses than your own. This is why using a proxy to test website security is so useful.

Why do you need proxies for web testing?

In order to create an effective web testing environment, you need access to a proxy network. Using a proxy server from Proxyrack is guaranteed to make your testing processes more successful and get you the results you're looking for.

Don't be tempted by free proxies as they're insecure, unreliable, and don't get the job done. Paid proxies from Proxyrack are affordable, super fast, and give you the tools to make your website the best it can be.

Let's take a close look at why you need a proxy server from Proxyrack when testing your website.

1. Get around geo-restrictions

Our web testing proxies give you access to IP addresses in over 140 countries. So, you can use your proxy's IP address to view the content that's being displayed to an audience in another country or region.

Our proxy network enables you to make sure that your website is performing how you want it to in different locations, and helps you to enhance your global reach. You'll be able to identify issues related to network latency, performance, and content delivery in countries around the world.

2. Stop automated tools from getting blocked

When you're using automated tools to test the usability or security of your website, you need to disguise the source of the bots. That's where a proxy server from Proxyrack comes in.

Our residential proxies provide you with a huge IP pool so that each automated tool can have its own unique IP address. This means that they won't be blocked by servers and you can test your website effectively.

3. Track your testing tasks

When you become a member of Proxyrack's proxy network, you gain access to the member's dashboard. Here, you can keep track of the tasks involved in your testing process. This includes things like bandwidth and the number of threads you've used.

Best Proxies For Web Testing

Proxyrack has the fastest and most reliable proxies for testing websites. Both our residential and datacenter proxies will give you everything you need to make the testing process as smooth as possible.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

Frequently Asked Questions

Do web testing proxies work on all website types?

Sub-par proxies may have difficulties dealing with websites that use certain authentication methods or complex JavaScript. This means that they won't work properly and you won't be able to carry out the tests that your website requires.

However, a proxy from Proxyrack can be used on any type of website to help you perform effective tests.

How many website testing proxies do I need?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the number of proxies needed for testing a website. For instance, if the website you're testing is small then you may only need a single proxy. If the website is large and has complex functionalities then you might need to use multiple proxies to test it comprehensively.

Why choose web testing proxies from Proxyrack?

When you choose a web testing proxy from Proxyrack, you'll be able to use the huge pool of IPs to beat geo-restrictions, test the security of your site, and stop your bots from getting blocked. Our residential proxies give you access to over 2 million monthly IPs and we don't impose IP limits on our customers. We even offer a 7 day trial to allow you to decide if the service is right for you.

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