Integrate our SDK into your app

Integration with our SDK takes on average less than 30 minutes.
Android sdk

User opts-in to our network

Your users will choose to either become a peer, display ads or pay for your premium content.
User opts-in to our network

Earn money from active and idle users

Track your daily active users and receive monthly payouts.
Earn money from active and idle users

Protecting your users


Customers who access these IPs will have already passed our KYC process.

Earn up to $1,000 for every 30,000 daily active users. This is our most popular product and every thing below is included Our customers include popular SaaS and app companies to individual internet marketers
No advertising
No advertising
Allow users to enjoy your app ad free.
User-friendly improvement
Retain more users by allowing them to continue without payment.
No Subscription
No subscription
Customers can enjoy your premium content without paying in-app subscription fees.
Users choice
Users decide whether they want to become a peer, show ads or pay for premium content.

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