Daniel - February 13, 2021

Best Proxies For Footsites

Here, we will show you the best proxies for footsites.

Nike, Yeezys, Adidas, Supreme, and Air Jordan are top limited-edition sneaker brands in extremely high demand that it is almost impossible to buy online from popular footsites without the use of sneaker bots and premium proxies.

In this post, I will be recommending the best proxies for copping any limited-edition sneaker from top-rated footsites.

Best Proxies For Footsites

Datacenter proxies are best for copping limited-edition sneakers on footsites because they are faster than other proxies and are more reliable.

However, Residential and Mobile proxies also work well for such purposes and are the preferred proxies for EastBay, FootAction, and FootLocker footsites.

Both Residential and Mobile proxies channel your data traffic through a real device (PC or Smartphone) with an IP address from an Internet Service or Mobile Network Provider; this makes Residential or Mobile proxies undetectable.

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