Proxyrack - September 13, 2023

Proxies For Businesses - Everything You Need To Know


A data breach can be hugely damaging to your company. Not just to its reputation but financially too, with breaches costing an average of $9 million in the USA.

Your business must have stringent security measures to avoid data breaches and protect the security of your clients and colleagues.

You can do this by using a proxy for your business. But what's a proxy server, and how does it work?

Here, we explore what a proxy is, what they do, and how proxy services can help you and your business stay safe online.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as a gateway between a device, like your laptop or smartphone, and another server on the internet, like a website. The proxy has its own IP address, so it acts as a middleman that can be used to preserve anonymity and ensure privacy.