Daniel - October 9, 2020

Best Proxies For Node.js

Here, we will show you the best proxies for Node.js. Read on!

People use proxies for various reasons, but basically, it is to change their IP address. You will want to change your IP address if you want to browse anonymously without revealing your actual location.

For Node.js developers, it is essential to use a proxy to build some unique apps. Hence, in this post, we’ll be looking at the best proxies for Node.js.

What Types Of Proxies Work With Node.js?

All types of proxies will work with Node.js, but the ideal one to use will depend on your activity. There are residential proxies, and there are datacenter proxies.

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Datacenter proxies are common and mostly used than residential proxies. This is because they are more affordable, although they are faster. However, data center proxies utilize IP addresses from data servers, unlike residential proxies that use ISP’s real IP addresses.

Hence, residential proxies are more reliable than datacenter proxies because their IP addresses are not easily detected or flagged.

If you want a proxy for the Node.js application, it’s ideal to go for an HTTPS or SOCKS proxy. These are the latest and most advanced proxy protocols available. HTTPS proxy offers a secure connection with SSL support. On the other hand, SOCKS proxies use anonymous servers to prevent your IP address from being leaked.