Daniel - October 19, 2020

Best Proxies For Selenium

If you are looking for the best proxies for Selenium, we have got you covered.

Webmasters carry out web automation and web scraping tasks all the time. In fact, they use several tools that incorporate a variety of options.

One of such tools is Selenium.

Hence, in this post, we will take a closer look at Selenium, and show you the best proxies for Selenium.

What Types Of Proxies Work With Selenium?

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The best type of proxy to use with Selenium will depend mainly on what you intend to do with the tool. However, the primary use of Selenium is web automation and web scraping, while the best proxy type for such tasks is rotating residential proxies.

Residential proxies are difficult to detect by websites because they utilize real IP addresses from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Any request sent with Selenium using a residential proxy would appear as if it emanates from a real user.

However, it doesn’t end at just switching your IP address. This is why you need a rotating residential proxy. If you maintain only one residential proxy, the IP address can be blocked for sending multiple requests. With rotating residential proxies, the IP address is changed with every new request or at intervals, depending on how it is set.