Daniel - January 17, 2022

Best Proxies For Software Testing

In this article, I’ll be showing you the best proxies for software testing.

What Is Software Testing?

Going with a basic definition, software testing is the process of discovering bugs in software. It also checks for faults, missing requirements, and gaps. 

Testing is the last step before a software is launched. It involves examination, analysis, observation, and evaluation. 

Software testing is done using both automatic and manual processes. It’s vital to delivering a quality product to customers. There are different aspects of a software you can test, each with a different end goal. This includes: 

  • Performance testing: this test checks how the software performs under different workloads. One of the methods, Load testing, is used to measure performance under real-life load conditions.

  • Acceptance testing: this is to check if the whole system works as intended.

  • Functional testing: this is to test the functional requirements of the software by stimulating business scenarios. One of the common techniques for functional testing is black-box testing. 

  • Integration testing: this is to check if software components and functions work together.

  • Unit testing: this is to check if each software unit works as expected. A unit is the smallest testable part of a software.

  • Stress testing: this test checks how much strain the system can endure before breaking down. It’s a kind of non-functional test.

  • Usability testing: usability test checks how well the software can complete a task from the customer’s perspective.

  • Regression testing: This test is to check if new features break or degrade a software’s functionality. Sanity testing, for example, is used to verify commands, menus, and functions at the surface level. 

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Why Is Software Testing Important?