Proxyrack - May 9, 2023

Industry Fraud Index


Which industries are seeing the biggest increase in fraudulent activity?

From artificial intelligence to residential proxies, we are now utilising technology in so many ways, and, because of this, it is more important than ever to stay safe online. The unfortunate truth is that most job sectors have fallen victim to fraud on one occasion or another.

With an estimated global loss of $3.6 billion in 2022 alone, there has been a sharp rise in fraudulent activity over recent years, but which industries have been affected the most? To answer this, we have delved into data from the last few years to find out about the current state of occupational fraud.

The transportation and warehousing industry has seen a 20.59% increase in fraud cases since 2016 – more than any other industry

No matter which industry you have ties to, there is a likelihood that fraud has been committed. Unfortunately, some industries have been impacted more than others in recent times – but which sectors have seen the biggest increase in fraudulent cases? Here’s what we found.

1. Transportation and Warehousing - 20.59% increase in fraudulent cases

The industry of transportation and warehousing takes the top spot in this list of sectors with the biggest increase in fraudulent cases. This industry covers a lot of important ground, including the transportation of cargo and passengers, and the storage of goods. Sadly, not everybody values the work that is done within this industry, as there has been a 20.59% increase in fraud cases between 2016 and 2022. Some common types of fraud in the transportation and warehousing industry include falsifying delivery documents and posing as an authentic carrier to help assist criminals to steal cargo loads.