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The Ultimate Guide To ProxyRack IP Scrambler

In this post, we will show you what ProxyRack’s IP scrambler is all about, its features, and how to use it for web scraping.

Before we proceed, let’s start with the basics.

What Is An IP Scrambler?

When you access the internet, you do so with an IP address (Internet Protocol address), for example, 45.564.227.44. This is simply the unique location where your internet network is emanating from.

IP addresses are essential for accessing the World Wide Web (WWW) as servers need them for communication for efficient transfer of the online resources that you wish to access. The set of rules that ensures resources are transferred from servers to computers on the internet accordingly is the Internet Protocol. Not just servers, computers also make connections via IP addresses for the transfer of files.

As you browse, you usually maintain an IP address until the browsing session is over. On the other hand, IP address scrambling implies browsing with a different IP address for every web request. This is done automatically as the new IP addresses that are issued are picked randomly from a database of thousands, maybe millions of IP addresses. Any tool, or service that can do this, is an IP Scrambler.

Many network providers and VPN services mostly do IP scrambling. Conversely, there are different reasons why people scramble IP addresses. Majorly, it is to stay anonymous on the web and also to bypass geographical restrictions. It is also used for web scraping and site auditing.

How Does It Work?

IP scrambling services typically work automatically for the generation of new IP addresses. For every new connection, a new IP address is issued to the computer you are browsing with. Already, there is a pool of IP addresses where the scrambling tool can fetch the new IP addresses from.

The IP addresses to be issued are picked randomly from this pool with quick successions. Once an internet connection is made with a new IP address, a new, unique IP address is queued. Likewise, once the connection has expired, the new IP address is assigned at the next connection.

You can still make use of an IP address twice, but it is unlikely because the IP addresses in the pool are numerous, as stated earlier they could be thousands or millions. If you need to access the internet concurrently with one device, an IP scrambler can simulate your online activity as though you are using different computers as each connection features a different IP address.

A perfect example of IP scrambling is how the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) rotate IP addresses. These ISPs often have a large number of users, and it would be a hassle monitoring all the internet connection for all connected internet users. So, they scramble IP addresses for all users; hence, when their internet connection is disrupted or terminated, there won’t be a need to manually re-issue the same IP address. The IP address of the expired connection is sent back to the pool, and it can be assigned to another user.

Why The Perfect IP Scrambler Is A Rotating Proxy Server?

Proxy servers are gateways that connect your internet-enabled computer with the internet. While your IP address is your network location, the proxy server is the route that will transport internet resources from the internet to your device and vice versa.

Ideally, proxy servers have a large pool of IP addresses, and they can replace your ISP-issued IP address with any of theirs. This is because your web requests will pass through the proxy server before they get to the destination, i.e. the web server.

A rotating proxy server is the best option for an IP scrambler for various reasons. Not only do they have thousands of IP addresses at their resource pool, they also help in speeding up internet connection despite handling numerous requests. They can make your request inconspicuous and here, you do not have to do much work. Whenever you send your web request as usual, the rotating proxy servers will rotate and switch the assigned IP address every time.

Nowadays, it is essential to opt for an efficient proxy server that can rotate IP addresses. Before now, internet users would need to prepare proxy lists to scramble IP addresses, but rotating proxy servers have eliminated this.

What Is The Best Rotating Proxy Service Provider For IP Scrambling?

If you want a rotating proxy server to scramble IP addresses, the best proxy service provider you can count on is ProxyRack.

ProxyRack is both a reliable and efficient proxy service provider. They handle over 800 million API requests every day, and their service is patronized by top online companies and internet users alike. They can process proxy requests with dynamic exit nodes.

With a paid subscription, you are provided with access to about 2 million IP addresses monthly. Their issued IP addresses come from various sources, some even from residential Wi-Fi connections, so they will hardly be identified as proxies.

Their IP address pool emanates from more than 140 proxy GEO locations spread across Europe, America, and Asia. Likewise, ProxyRack supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols, so you won’t have issues accessing any website or application via a proxy connection.

Here are the ProxyRack pricing plans:

  • Premium Residential Proxies – $15 per month

  • Unmetered Residential Proxies – $80 per month

  • USA Rotating Datacenter – $120 per month

  • Mixed Rotating Datacenter – $120 per month

Interestingly, ProxyRack also offers a residential VPN as one of their products. On the official website, you can carry out a DNS leak test and also gain access to a free proxy list.

ProxyRack Rotating Proxies Is The Best IP Scrambler

ProxyRack rotating proxies incorporate all the features of an IP scrambler. First of all, their rotating proxy service enables you to authenticate proxies in two ways.

The first method involves the use of a username and password, while the other method requires IP whitelisting. For the first method, users are issued a username and an API key while users can set about 40 various IP addresses to be whitelisted for the second method.

Additionally, ProxyRack offers excellent proxy speed thanks to their proxy servers hosted on 5GBps nodes. Not to mention, you can quickly connect to their proxy servers without hassles. At the backend, the proxy servers handle the IP scrambling action.

With ProxyRack, the sessions of IP addresses are relatively long with a specific static port. That way, you can send various browsing requests with the same IP address before the scrambler assigns a new one. As mentioned earlier, their IP addresses spread across more than 140 proxy geo-locations so you can browse with IP addresses from various locations.

Since the proxy network is ever-growing with new IP addresses added frequently, you can explore new IP addresses with the same paid subscription. For support, they offer 24/7 technical support and a helpful knowledge base where you can learn about their service. Plus, their customer support number is toll-free.

Benefits Of Using ProxyRack IP Scrambler With Rotating Proxies

You can scramble IP addresses with ProxyRack rotating proxies, and the significant benefit is the ease. When you connect to their proxy API, two proxy ports are provided for you on your dashboard. You have the option to use random IP addresses for each new connection and the opportunity to use sticky IP addresses.

For the first port – Random IP addresses for each new connection –, new IP addresses are automatically assigned upon every new request that passes through the proxy. While your local IP address does not change, the proxy port replaces it with new IP addresses every time. Also, every connection uses a unique exit mode. If you are carrying out online activities that require numerous IP addresses, this proxy port will be very beneficial as it prevents you from being static.

For the second port – Sticky IP addresses –, the proxy server maintains your assigned IP address for sometime before assigning a new one. The amount of time can be anywhere between 3 to 30 minutes. In this scenario, the IP addresses remain scrambled but just not as quickly as the former port. Both proxy ports are obtainable in the ProxyRack Premium Residential pricing plan.

With ProxyRack, you have the benefit of staying anonymous on the web as all IP addresses provided pass through private exit nodes. Furthermore, the platform offers both metered and unmetered services. With an unmetered proxy server, you can scramble IP addresses as you browse without facing any bandwidth limitation.

If you are an SEO agency, you can benefit from the various geo proxies offered by ProxyRack. It can help in getting ranking keywords from multiple countries and also support for geo-targeted promotions.

Does ProxyRack IP Scrambler Support Scraping?

Yes, ProxyRack IP scrambler with rotating proxy ports can be used for web scraping. In essence, web scraping involves extracting large volumes of data from websites. The extracted data can be stored on a local storage or external devices/storage. It involves copying specific data from a website onto your computer. This usually would be difficult and somewhat impossible since you might not have secure access to the web server. However, an IP scrambler like ProxyRack rotating proxies makes this more comfortable in various ways.

To start with, ProxyRack features a large pool of more than two million IP addresses. This allows you to crawl and scrape a website’s data securely. Your scraping tool will be difficult to detect; hence, it is unlikely to get blocked. You can forward concurrent requests with various IPs which makes scraping swift and more accessible.

Besides, you can select proxies from various geographical locations so that web scraping can be more efficient. Some websites (online retailers, for example) do show different content for different locations; however, you can scrape the website data of any particular country you want. If you wish to scrape data from a website restricted from your location, IP scrambling can also help you to bypass the restrictions.

If your target website is a large one with thousands of pages, you will be interrupted with rate limits if you use one IP address. Fortunately, ProxyRack IP scrambler with rotating proxies can obfuscate your original IP address. In fact, they provide you with access with various IP addresses to overcome any web scraping limitations.

Final Thoughts

IP scrambling allows you to access the web with different IP addresses. That way, you can stay anonymous and bypass certain restrictions. The best method to emulate the IP scrambler ‘technology’ requires using a rotating proxy server. Moreover, rotating proxy servers can assign new IP addresses from their pool of proxies whenever you are connected to the internet.

To get started with IP scrambling, it might be best to consider a reliable rotating proxy service provider like ProxyRack.

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