Proxies For Bots

Bots are an inherent part of the present-day internet. At Proxyrack, we provide dependable proxies for all your bot tasks. As a business user, almost every automated task you perform on the web involves using a bot.

Conquer the challenge of internet bots with a Proxyrack proxy

Our bot proxies are effective no matter what you're using your bots for. Sneaker bot? Our proxies stop it from getting blocked. Data scraping bot? A Proxyrack bot proxy gives you access to geo-restricted sites all over the world.

Let's examine exactly what bots and bot proxies are. We'll take a look at the different types and show you why you need to be using one of our proxies.

What are internet bots?

A bot, or internet bot, is an automated computer program that can simulate human activity like mouse clicks and keystrokes, but can carry out tasks much more quickly than a human could. As they're automated, they can go about their business without any human instructions.

They're often used for carrying out repetitive tasks that would take too long for humans to do manually. Some are also used to power chatbots, and bots may even interact with one another depending on what they have been programmed to do.

While bots can be used for functions such as web scraping and data collection, they can also be used for malicious purposes. They're responsible for denial of service attacks and other malware.

What do bots do?

Bots can be used for all kinds of things. This includes web scraping, data extraction and entry, and sneaker copping. 

For example, a sneaker bot is used to automate purchases on shopping websites. They can purchase multiple units across various websites, for example, for securing limited-edition products (most commonly sneakers, hence the name). When these bots are teamed up with sneaker proxies, they can operate without being detected.

Sneaker copping is just one of the many useful functions of bots. They can also be used for automating likes and comments on social media, answering questions from customers through a chatbot, and even for trading. 

Whether you’re an individual or a business, bots are a powerful tool to utilize. 

What types of bots are there?

So, there are many different tasks that bots can perform. Let's take a look at some of the most common types.

1. Web scraping bot

Web scraping bots are used to extract data from websites and then export it to the user. This is great for competitor research and for building large databases related to your industry.

2. SEO monitoring bot

This type of bot monitors your SERPs rankings and gives you reports on how well your websites are performing.

3. Transactional bot

A transactional bot is used for repetitive tasks like blocking stolen credit cards. These are usually tasks that would be carried out over the phone by a human.

4. Social media automation bot

These bots are helpful for businesses with multiple social media accounts across several platforms. They make it easier to manage your accounts by automating your posts, likes, and comments. Chatbots can also be used to automate chats on your social media channels.

5. Price aggregation bot

Price aggregation bots are used to research the prices your business should be charging. They extract pricing data from sites within your niche to help you work out your aggregate prices.

6. Ad verification bot

These kinds of bots monitor your ads to make sure that they're effective.

What's the major challenge of using bots?

There are so many other types of bots that can benefit your business. However, the chances that these bots will complete tasks online is slim due to anti-bot systems.

Besides, top websites set up anti-bot systems to prevent bot traffic and most times ban the associated IP address. A bot proxy can help overcome these issues.

What is a bot proxy?

A proxy bot is a proxy server or a proxy IP address. There is a difference between the two, but it's common for the terms to be used interchangeably.

The two best proxies to use with bots are datacenter proxies and residential proxies. 

  • Residential proxies are linked to a real device and so have IP addresses that point to a physical location. For that reason, they’re more likely to prevent your accounts from being flagged as suspicious when you’re using them with bots. 

  • Datacenter proxies are IP addresses that don't rely on Internet Service Providers (ISPs). No matter which type you choose, essentially, a proxy server acts as the middleman between the computer generating the bots and the website being targeted. This helps the bot to avoid detection and carry out its tasks.

Why do you need proxies for bots?

So, do you need a proxy for a bot? If you want your bots to be effective, then the answer is yes.

Datacenter and residential proxies from Proxyrack are perfect for use with any kind of bot. Our residential proxies are particularly useful for getting around geo-restrictions. This is ideal if you want your web scraping bots to extract data that isn't available in your geographic location.

A proxy server from Proxyrack will switch your IP address so your bots can extract data from websites in over 140 countries, giving you unprecedented levels of access to data from around the globe. 

Our products also perform with remarkable proficiency when combined with sneaker bots. These bots tend to get banned by websites quickly if used without a proxy because the website can see that an IP address is sending hundreds of requests at the same time - something that wouldn’t be possible from a human user. So, the website recognizes this as bot-like behavior and blocks the IP address, leaving your task incomplete.

So what’s the solution?

Our proxies prevent these bans by assigning different IP addresses to each of the requests. This means that the bot goes undetected, so it can complete its tasks, whether that’s entering or scraping data or engaging with social media posts.

Best bot proxies

At Proxyrack, we offer the best proxies for bots on the market. They're affordable, safe, and extremely effective.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bot proxies safe?

Yes, Proxyrack's bot proxies are very safe. When you transfer data, nobody else has access to it other than you and the receiver. That’s right; we can’t see your data either.

Can I trial a bot proxy before I buy?

At Proxyrack, we're certain you'll love our bot proxies. That's why we offer affordable 7-day trials on all of our proxies, giving you time to decide whether our services are right for your needs.

Why choose Proxyrack for bot proxies?

Our bot proxies are secure, reliable, and very affordable. They allow you to target over 140 countries and we don't limit the number of IP addresses you can use. In fact, we're so confident in our bot proxies that we offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

How much are proxies for botting?

The cost of our bot proxies depends on the option you choose. We operate a flexible pricing system designed to give you full control over your budget. The price of our residential proxies varies depending on how many ports and GBs you need. For our datacenter proxies, the price varies based on the type you choose and the number of threads you need.

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