Proxies For eCommerce Businesses

Learn all about how a Proxyrack proxy can help your eCommerce business overcome its most pressing challenges.

Take your eCommerce business to the next level with a Proxyrack proxy

Running an eCommerce business is tough if you don't have the best tools at your disposal. Our eCommerce proxies will help your business realize its full potential. 

Discover how to utilize a Proxyrack proxy for your eCommerce business, helping propel your brand’s success in its sales, marketing and research capabilities.

What are the challenges that eCommerce businesses face?

There are many challenges that eCommerce businesses face, and our proxy servers are the best way to overcome them.

1. Account blocking

As an eCommerce merchant, you need multiple seller accounts to boost your income. Doing so lessens the impact if one of your accounts gets blocked. Sounds easy enough, but the challenge is that eCommerce websites usually only allow one account per user. 

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

So, how can you create more than one account for your business?

That's where our rotating residential proxies come in. 

They allow you to make multiple browser profiles with unique IP addresses. If one account gets blocked or banned, no problem. The proxy server disguises your browsing data so that the eCommerce website doesn't know you are also behind the other accounts.

2. Geo-restrictions

If you run an eCommerce business, then you've almost definitely encountered geo-restrictions. As you know, they restrict which eCommerce sites you can access based on your IP address. 

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

Our proxy servers keep your real IP address hidden and change it to one that lets you access geo-restricted content.

That's why our residential proxies are the best proxies for cross-border shopping.

Proxyrack residential proxies give you access to over 2 million IPs per month. Our reliable proxies mean you can access geo-restricted sites in over 140 countries, so you can start web scraping all over the world.

If you run a proxy shopping business, with our help, you can switch your IP address and buy what you need from geo-restricted sites.

3. Cyber security

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges facing eCommerce businesses today. As more and more customers switch to eCommerce, cyber security threats continue to increase. 

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

Using proxy servers is an important step in bolstering your digital security.

Any traffic that goes in or out of your system should be routed through a proxy server. Our proxy servers filter and scan incoming data and shield you from harmful content.

They protect your payment, advertisement, and content systems. They also prevent malware and phishing links from entering your store, as well as denial of service attacks.

4. Anonymity

You may want to create an anonymous buyer account or seller account on an eCommerce website. This won’t be possible by using your original IP address. Other internet users can easily tell where you’re browsing from, your browsing device, and even your ISP by reading your original IP. Therefore, you must mask your true IP address.

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

At ProxyRack, we only make use of private exit nodes. All our proxies are private proxies so you’re sure that your browsing information is private as well. You can mask your true IP using our true residential proxies and achieve high anonymity.

5. Internet use control

One thing you might not have considered is the risk your employees can pose to your business’s security. Certain websites and links they access could expose you to cyber attacks.

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

A proxy server sets trigger words that restrict employees' access to harmful links and websites. It can also be used to collect data about employee productivity.

All in all, both datacenter and residential proxies offer a win-win solution for eCommerce companies. A more productive workforce and access to more data from around the world - what’s not to like?

6. Dropshipping

If your eCommerce business runs a dropshipping model, you must use rotating proxies. 

To reap the full benefits of the business model, many dropshipping businesses use stealth accounts. If you're a UK-based company that wants to operate a dropshipping business in the US, you need a stealth account based in the US. Yet, if your IP address is still in the UK, that's not going to work.

Using a Proxyrack proxy server creates multiple IP addresses in different countries. The result? You can safely use stealth dropshipping accounts in any country you choose.

7. Effective competitor research

Competitor research and competitor analysis are two of the most important things for growing your eCommerce business that not all companies get right. 

How can an eCommerce proxy help?

Our eCommerce scraping proxies allow you to collect high-value data from other businesses. This data collection can include information about your competitors and provide insights into your target audience.

The issue with using eCommerce scraping bots is that they're likely to get banned. Websites recognize them as non-human traffic and shut them down. But, if you're using a datacenter or residential proxy, your requests will be coming from different IP addresses.

Why do you need an eCommerce proxy?

Running a successful eCommerce business means making the most of every tool that's available. Proxyrack's residential and datacenter proxies allow you to unlock the full power of the web and grow your business exponentially.

Our proxies help you to:

  • Overcome the challenge of blocked accounts

  • Gain access to geo-restricted content

  • Keep your business safe from cyber security threats

  • Mask your stealth accounts for dropshipping

  • Maximize data collection through scraping

So do you need one? We think it’s safe to say you do! 

Best Proxies For eCommerce Businesses

Proxyrack offers the best eCommerce proxies for your business. Our residential and datacenter proxies are proven to be safe and reliable. Options include: 



Frequently Asked Questions

Are eCommerce proxies ethical?

eCommerce proxies are entirely ethical when used correctly. Unethical proxy providers don't care about the safety and privacy of their customers. This can expose them to cyber security threats and data breaches. An ethical proxy provider, like Proxyrack, follows strict safety guidelines and makes sure that all peers give their consent to be part of the network.

Can I trial an eCommerce proxy before I buy it?

Yes, at Proxyrack we offer a 7-day trial for all of our residential and datacenter proxies. What's more, if you're not satisfied with our proxies once you start paying for them, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Why choose Proxyrack for eCommerce proxies?

Proxyrack provides the most difficult-to-detect proxies around for the most affordable prices. Our offers include unlimited bandwidth options and giant IP pools so that you get the maximum benefits for your eCommerce business. Why look anywhere else?

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