Proxies For Gaming

How Gaming Proxies Can Help You

Playing with Bots

Most online games come with a lot of activities and levels. Not every gamer has the time to finish them all - the vast majority don’t. A bot can help here. Bots can automate your gaming experience. They work faster than people which can help you finish more games than you normally can.

However, because bots make several quick requests, gaming sites may suspect their traffic and block them. That’s where our gaming proxies can help. You can change your IP address after a few runs. That way, it’ll be difficult for websites to detect your bot.

Unblock Games

Most game features or entire games aren't available everywhere. This limits your gaming options and makes you dependent on your location. Your favorite game may be only available in your region and you’ll be unable to access it when you travel abroad. With a proxy, this is no longer the case.

Our proxy server will unblock restricted games and features which make the game website assume you’re in the allowed location. This is possible by just switching your IP address to a different one. You can play your favorite online games while hopping from city to city.

Unblock IP Address

Gaming websites do occasionally restrict IP addresses, which is annoying. Most times, they block entire IP ranges. If your IP address falls inside that range, you will be unable to log in. It doesn’t matter if the game is available in your region or not.

In that case, you just have to use a proxy to change your IP address. With our gaming proxies, you'll get a new IP address that's not in the blocked range then you can log back in and enjoy the game normally.

Create Multiple Accounts

Most online games prevent users from creating multiple accounts. However, sometimes, having multiple accounts may be critical to your in-game progress. Our gaming proxies will remove all of your roadblocks in creating multiple accounts and ultimately assist you in becoming a better player overall.

Stay Anonymous

You don’t want to give away your private data on gaming websites? All you have to do is to use our proxies to mask your online identity. With a proxy connection, websites will only be able to read the online data of the proxy server and not your private data.

About Our Proxies

Our gaming proxies are the best in the industry and here’s why:

Datacenter and Residential Proxies

Some games work best with datacenter proxies which maximizes speed, while others will work best with residential proxies which maximizes anonymity and data privacy.

Whichever game you’re playing, we’ve got the two options for you to choose from. We have residential proxies with more than 5 million residential IPs and datacenter proxies with more than 20,000 datacenter proxies.

Global Targeting

If you plan on unblocking games, you can do more than that with our premium geo-targeted proxies. We have proxy servers in more than 140 countries all over the world.

You can play games with residential and datacenter proxies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We allow you to target countries and cities for the residential proxies.

High Anonymity

You can count on your anonymous proxies whether you want to mask your bot or protect your online identity. We offer only proxies with private exit nodes and not public proxies.

Furthermore, our residential proxies are from top ISPs and they point to real locations. No one will be able to detect your original traffic source.

Why Trust Us?

Unlimited IPs

We have 5 million+ IPs for residential and 20,000+ IPs for datacenter proxies. We also provide over 2 million unique IP addresses per month. Any subscription option allows access to all proxies. We also support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, and UDP protocols.

Rotating And Static Ports

Some games will require long sticky sessions while others will require constant IP switching. You can rely on us for both. Our rotating ports can quickly switch thousands of proxies in seconds while our static ports allow you to keep an IP connection for 30 minutes.


You’re safe with risk-free complete money-back guarantee as a new customer. We'll refund your money if you don’t like it within 72 hours but we’re sure you’ll love it. Also, if you have any issues with our proxies, you can count on our professional technical support.

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