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Discover how a Proxyrack gaming proxy leads to massive improvements in your online gaming experience.

Improve your online gaming experience with a Proxyrack proxy

As an online gamer, you want hours of seamless playing time with no interruptions. We're going to show you how a Proxyrack gaming proxy helps you achieve this, and much more.

What challenges are there with online gaming?

1. Latency when playing online games

One of the biggest issues with online gaming is latency. Latency means that some players can gain advantages over others if there's a big gap between players' communications.

The issue is particularly common with peer-to-peer games. In P2P games, players connect directly to another player that is serving as the host instead of to a central server. This means that the host has less latency than the other players and gains an advantage.

2. Downloadable content restrictions

Downloadable content (DLC) is an important part of gaming. It gives you access to additional features that weren't included in the game originally, such as new skills, upgrades, and unlockable characters. Although not every gamer is desperate for early access to DLC, it's a must if you're a competitive gamer.

The problem is that a lot of DLC is available at different times in different regions. Some DLC may not even be available at all in certain regions. This means a player can be at a disadvantage purely because of their geographic location.

3. Getting blocked when using bots

Online gamers often use bots for MMORPGs. This is because of the high number of tasks that are required to complete levels in these games. Gaming sites and companies are always on the hunt for bots and will block accounts that are using them.

4. Geo-restrictions when playing games online

Many gaming servers prevent you from linking with other players based on your and their geographic locations. If you're not using a proxy server, then it's obvious where in the world you're linking from.

What does a gaming proxy do?

1. Gets past geo-restrictions

If you want to bypass geo-restrictions so that you can access DLC and link with friends, then you need a gaming proxy server from Proxyrack. Our residential proxies give you access to real residential IP addresses in over 140 countries. This allows you to download content and link with players that are geo-restricted.

Our gaming proxies are the best proxies for Fortnite, Minecraft, and almost every other online game!

2. Helps with peer-to-peer sharing

When playing peer-to-peer games, one player has to host the server. This means that the other players often experience in-game lagging while the host is latency-free. Proxy servers eradicate this issue as you can simply use a proxy server as the host rather than a player.

Our datacenter proxies and residential proxies are fast and reliable. They're the ideal proxies for Minecraft, PUBG, and all of your favorite online games.

3. Keeps your gaming lag-free

Another reason for lagging during online gaming is that the connection to the server might be poor. This can cause the game to freeze which is frustrating, especially when playing huge online games like Dofus and other Ankama Games.

If you use a gaming proxy from Proxyrack, you can switch between servers easily. This allows you to find a server with optimal performance. Our proxies are the best proxy servers for lag-free gaming and seamless play.

4. Keeps you anonymous and secure

Our proxy servers hide your real IP address to give you total anonymity. This keeps you secure when using gaming sites that are susceptible to data breaches and hackers. Your location and details are masked by the proxy so that hackers don't have access to any data.

5. Helps you upvote your game with DVT Gaming

If you own an online gaming platform, our gaming proxies are the perfect proxies for DVT Gaming. You can upvote your game by using proxies to make it look like the votes are coming from multiple IPs. Proxyrack's rotating proxies are ideal for this. They give you access to over 2 million monthly IPs. Plus, we don't impose any IP limits.

6. Protects against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are when hackers flood a network with spam requests. This takes up all of the bandwidth and causes everything to crash. If you're using a gaming proxy from Proxyrack, the spam requests are made to the proxy server instead. This means your network will be fine and you can carry on gaming.

7. Lets you set up multiple accounts

Many games only allow you to set up a very limited number of accounts from the same IP address. However, you may want to have several different accounts to bypass bans and penalties on other accounts.

A gaming proxy allows you to create as many accounts as you need. Each account can be linked to a different IP address so that your accounts appear to be linked to different users. This is one of the best ways to play online games with proxies, as you can bypass bans and test out different gaming strategies.

Best proxies for gaming

Both our residential and datacenter proxies are the perfect choice for online gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming proxies legal?

Gaming proxies are entirely legal. However, using them may violate the terms of use on some gaming platforms. That's why you need Proxyrack proxies to avoid detection.

How many gaming proxies can I use?

You can use as many gaming proxies as you like to complete the required tasks. The number you need is determined by what you're using a proxy for. For example, if you're using a proxy as the server for P2P gaming then you'll only need to use one.

Why choose gaming proxies from Proxyrack?

At Proxyrack, our proxies give you the speed you need for lag-free gaming. They're also incredibly secure and very hard to detect, providing you with the protection and anonymity you need while online gaming.

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