Proxies For UDP

Proxyrack offers a great selection of proxies that are perfect for UDP-related tasks. Keep reading to learn more about our UDP proxies and how they can improve online gaming, DNS lookups, video streaming, and much more.

Improve your online communications with a Proxyrack proxy

There are loads of applications that will benefit from speedy internet connections. These include:

  • Video playback

  • Audio playback

  • Video calls

  • Online gaming

  • P2P communication

  • DNS lookups

At Proxyrack, we provide a range of proxies suitable for UDP-related tasks. Our proxy server selection will also help to improve performance and security.

A good UDP proxy server will help you say goodbye to the days of poor connections and high latency. This is especially frustrating during important business meetings or when you are reaching a crucial stage of an online game.

What is UDP?

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol and is a simple, connectionless protocol. It allows data to be transferred to a computer without a dedicated connection being established between them.

UDPs are mostly used for applications where speed is essential. This includes online gaming and live video streaming.

How is it different from TCP?

UDP is not as reliable an option as TCP because its main function is to facilitate the speedy transfer of data.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) first establishes a connection between devices. After this, TCP uses a system of acknowledgments and retransmissions. This ensures the data is received correctly and is a more reliable protocol.

Applications that need reliability more than speed are better suited to TCP. These include email and file transfers. AN HTTP connection uses TCP.

TCP sends packets in the correct order. This makes it easier for them to be stitched back together. UDP packets are not guaranteed to arrive in order and can also allow missing packets.

To put it in simple terms, the main difference between TCP and UDP is that UDP is fast but can't offer high levels of reliability. TCP is slower but a bit more reliable.

What does a UDP proxy do?

A UDP proxy is a software application or network device which works as a middleman between the client and a server. It helps to forward UDP packets between them.

As well as helping with faster speeds, a UDP proxy can also benefit users in the following ways:

1. Hides the user's IP

A UDP proxy can mask the user's IP address by using its own when forwarding UDP packets.

Proxyrack offers proxy server IP addresses in more than 140 countries. We also offer target city and ISP proxies.

2. Load balancing

Proxyrack UDP proxy servers provide load balancing and failover capabilities. This is achieved by forwarding UDP packets to multiple servers in our server pool.

The benefit of this is that the even distribution makes it easier to redirect traffic should a server fail.

3. Improved efficiency and performance

A UDP proxy server can improve efficiency and performance by caching UDP traffic. The proxy server can then store the frequently requested data to quickly respond to requests.

4. Filter specified UDP traffic

A UDP proxy server can be tailored to the administrator's needs. This allows them to filter or block UDP traffic from reaching servers. This handy benefit can even stop DDoS attacks.

5. Translate UDP traffic

A UDP proxy server will translate UDP traffic between different network protocols.

6. Increase security

A UDP proxy server has the ability to encrypt and authenticate UDP traffic between the client and the server.

Improving security is essential to minimizing the risk of cyber attacks. These security benefits help to prevent people from accessing sensitive data. It also means users can authenticate servers or restrict IP addresses.

7. Provide greater access

In some cases, UDP services might not be reachable from the user's network. Not to worry, our UDP proxy server options allow you to skip past these restrictions.

8. Improve your process-to-process communication

Process-to-process communication is an essential part of some UDP connections. A Proxyrack UDP proxy server is made to improve your performance.

Online gaming is just one way that UDP connections benefit from a proxy server. It allows gamers to communicate without the issues that high latency would create. After all, there is nothing worse than your computer lagging at a crucial stage of the game!

Best proxies for UDP

If you are on the lookout for a high-quality UDP proxy server, you are in luck. Here at Proxyrack, we offer an excellent selection of proxies to suit your needs.

Residential proxies

Datacenter proxies

Our proxies are perfect for UDP-related activities. They include:

1. USA Rotating Datacenter

The USA Rotating Datacenter at Proxyrack is available for just $65 per month.

Users will benefit from uncapped data and GEO targeted cities. Over 10,000 U.S. IPs are available in this package and it is suitable for HTTP, SOCKS, and UDP protocols.

2. Global Rotating Datacenter

The Global Rotating Datacenter at Proxyrack is available for just $65 per month.

Users will benefit from uncapped data and more than 20,000 worldwide IPs. Geo-targeting is available in various countries and cities. Users can whitelist as many as 50 IPs for quick and easy authentication.

This option is suitable for use with HTTP, SOCKS, and UDP protocols.

3. Private Unmetered Residential

The Private Unmetered Residential at Proxyrack is available for just $65.95 per month.

Users will be assigned an exclusive IP and enjoy uncapped data. Customizable rotation time on proxy ports also provides greater flexibility.

This option is suitable for HTTP, SOCKS, & UDP protocols.

4. Premium Residential

The Premium Residential at Proxyrack is available for just $49.95 per month. This option offers the highest success rate and geo-targeting.

Users can explore rotating or sticky ports with our cleanest pool of IPs. HTTP, SOCKS, & UDP protocols are all catered to with this option.

USA Rotating Datacenter

Quick and reliable datacenter proxies based in the USA

Starting from




Global Rotating Datacenter

Fast and reliable datacenter proxies from around the globe

Starting from




Canada Datacenter Proxies

Quick and reliable datacenter proxies based in the Canada

Starting from




Private Unmetered Residential

Use these proxies for your more difficult, large or complex projects

Starting from




Premium Residential

Our cleanest proxy pool

Starting from




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial a UDP proxy before I buy?

Of course you can! Our 7-day trial costs just $13.95. For this, you will have access to a range of benefits that will help you decide the best proxy for you.

Benefits include:

- 250 global rotating and USA rotating datacenter threads

- 1 GB of premium residential proxies

- 100 static USA datacenter IPs

- 5 private unmetered residential ports

How many UDP proxies can I use?

At Proxyrack, when you connect to a port you will automatically be assigned the best proxies for your needs. This makes it a hassle-free option.

This will be determined by your proxy requests. Multiple proxies can be used but using 1 proxy per task is advised.

Why choose UDP proxies from Proxyrack?

Proxyrack offers proxies for all needs. We make things quick and easy for you and within ten minutes you can be set up and complete your desired tasks.

You don't need to worry about lags or captchas that pop up and hinder your progress.

Our excellent selection of proxies includes:

- Residential Proxies

- Datacenter Proxies

Our customers can access IPs from more than 140 countries. We also provide target city and ISP IPs.

If you ever have any problems, just get in touch for simple troubleshooting and expert advice.

Proxyrack also has the honor of being the only proxy provider that accepts all protocols, including:






What is a UDP port?

A UDP port or UDP port number identifies the connection endpoint which directs data to specific services.

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