Proxies For Website Browsing

If you are looking for a proxy for website browsing, Proxyrack can help. Our proxies are designed to improve performance and security. Keep reading to learn more about our proxy website browser solutions.

Take your web browsing capabilities to the next level with a Proxyrack proxy

In modern society, we use the internet every day, which means that, in turn, we share our data with numerous platforms very regularly. Our online privacy is not something that should be taken for granted. 

To bolster your digital privacy, there are various approaches you can take. Yet, the simplest and most cost-effective method is to utilize a proxy browser or a proxy browser extension.

At Proxyrack, we show you how our proxies are well-suited to helping enhance your web browsing capabilities. We highlight the many issues users may face when browsing the web, and how a Proxyrack proxy can help overcome these.

What is a website browsing proxy?

Proxies are a useful service that helps users connect to the internet through servers instead of directly connecting to websites.

The server, also known as a proxy server, acts as a gateway between you and the internet. When you use a proxy server, your web traffic is rerouted through the server. This then requests access to web pages on your behalf.

This will make it appear as though your internet activity is coming from the proxy server instead of your own device.

What do web browsing proxies do?

Web proxies can be used to add an extra layer of privacy and security. You can configure web proxies in various applications on your computer.

However, they are often used in web browsers through HTTP proxies. These proxies are specifically designed for transmitting web traffic.

Your computer uses the proxy server to request web pages rather than requesting them directly when visiting through HTTP proxy connections.

How do you use a proxy for web browsing?

A proxy acts as a middleman when browsing the web. After you set it up for your browser you will be able to search the internet as normal.

Proxyrack even offers a 7-day trial to ensure you are happy with the product.

You can download and install the software which will facilitate your interaction with the web proxy.

Benefits of using a web browsing proxy:

Now that you understand a bit more about proxies, you might be wondering how they can benefit your browsing experience.

Take a look below to discover how Proxyrack proxies will improve your online experience.

1. Improved performance

Slow loading speeds can be frustrating and make web browsing an unenjoyable experience.

There are many issues that can affect your browsing performance. These include connection issues or bandwidth issues.

The high-speed proxies available at Proxyrack ensure you can enjoy quick and easy browsing. Our residential proxies support a variety of protocols including:

  • UDP

  • HTTP

  • SOCKS5

  • SOCKS4



2. Enhanced privacy

Keeping your personal information private can be challenging when browsing the internet. Even reputable companies install cookies to try and gather as much information about users as possible.

Proxyrack proxies are 100% private. We make use of residential proxies that are associated with genuine locations. We also only use private exit nodes. This means no one will be able to trace you or your data.

3. Overcome geo-restrictions

Depending on your location, some websites may be out of bounds. This can lead to frustration when you are trying to access certain resources.

You will also notice that Google tailors the information it provides you with to your location. While this can be beneficial in many cases, sometimes it can lead to poor results.

Our proxies allow you to bypass geo-restrictions. This lets you access websites that may otherwise have been out of bounds due to your location.

We offer a choice of more than 140 countries. We also offer targeted ISPs and cities in some cases.

4. Reduces IP banning

Sometimes you may no longer be able to access a website if your IP address has been banned. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Typically, IP addresses are banned because the website is concerned about suspicious behaviors. Sending multiple requests or using a bot can sometimes arouse suspicion.

Your IP address can then be automatically banned by servers, as they are unable to understand certain nuances in search behaviors.

If you are no longer able to use your own IP address to access a web page, you can use ours. We have millions of IPs to choose from.

Our sticky and rotating proxies give our users lots of options. Rotating proxy ports can be used if you send too many requests.

5. Better security

One of the main reasons someone might use a proxy browser extension is to improve security. The improved privacy we provide ensures better security against cyber criminals.

Online security threats are always changing and developing. This can make it difficult to keep up.

Some of the biggest security threats are a result of attacks that include:

  • Phishing

  • Malware

  • DDoS attacks

  • Hacking

  • Password theft

  • Identity theft

A secure connection is essential to battling this tide of criminality. Thankfully, the proxies available at Proxyrack help to mask your online identity.

Our secure servers receive your traffic via private nodes. This then takes you through to the website you are accessing.

This secure system removes the opportunity for criminals to trace where the traffic is coming from. Our use of multiple server locations helps to keep your private IP address out of criminals' hands.

How Proxyrack can help with your browsing proxy needs

Now that you know all about the benefits of using a proxy when browsing, you can explore the options we provide at Proxyrack.

Explore our collection of residential proxies to find the perfect option for you.

Our Private Unmetered option offers:

  • Uncapped Data

  • Exclusive assigned IP

  • Real unique residential IPs

  • Custom rotation time

  • Rotating proxy ports

All of this is available for just $65.95 per month.

Our Premium Residential package is available from $49.95 per month and includes:

  • Real residential Ips

  • Geo-target countries

  • Geo-target cities

  • Geo-target ISPs

  • 10GB to 1TB plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a reliable proxy for browsing?

Searching online for reliable proxy servers can be challenging. There are so many options it can be a struggle to find one that provides excellent online privacy and great service.

Thankfully, here at Proxyrack, we offer an excellent service that you can test out.

You can explore our excellent collection of products and find the best fit for your needs. Our 7-day trial and money-back guarantee will give you peace of mind while deciding.

Are proxies important for browsing?

Proxies are important for web browsing if you want to keep your information private. They are also a great way to increase security and minimize the threat of cybercriminals.

Using a proxy to browse anonymously can also help with unblocking sites that may restrict access based on location.

Why do you need a browsing proxy?

According to data published in 2022 by Statista. The cost of cyberattacks in the U.S. was in excess of $13.7b.

This staggering figure goes to show the importance of cyber security. Using a web proxy can drastically improve web security and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

Proxyrack offers a number of proxy services that can help all web users to improve privacy and security.

Is a web browsing proxy different from a VPN?

A proxy is not the same as a VPN (a virtual private network). VPNs are used to create secure, encrypted connections between your device and the internet. This effectively creates a tunnel for all of your network activity.

Proxies simply act as intermediaries between you and the different resources that you access.

HTTP proxies can be set system-wide on various operating systems and different types of traffic may not be affected.

For instance, you may still need to configure your email client or other applications to use the proxy.

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