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Proxies For Social Media / YouTube

To boost your online presence, you may need to open many social media accounts for your business. However, creating multiple social media and YouTube accounts from one IP address can result in a ban. Even as an individual user, there are several restrictions you’ll face when using YouTube and social media platforms. Not to worry, we have the right proxies you can use to prevent this. Our proxies can help you with multiple account creation and in other use cases as well:

Why Do You Need Proxies For Social Media?

Multiple Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms prefer one person per account. By using our proxies, you can create many social media accounts without getting blocked. All you have to do is to use a different IP address for each account. This will keep each account isolated from the activities of the other. Our proxies also work with all kinds of account creation bots.


Manually managing social media accounts can be hectic work especially for big businesses. Do you want to use automation tools to manage your social media accounts? You can count on our proxies. You can automate posts, likes, shares, comments, and message response. Our proxies will help prevent the platforms from blocking your bot by masking your true IP address.


Geo-targeting is one of the most effective factors in digital marketing. This technique allows you to direct your content to specific countries and regions where they are most relevant. Take, for instance, you may have multiple social media accounts for multiple countries but the same business. With our proxies, you can assign the right Geo-IP to each account.

Bypass Censorship

The internet today is filled with censorship and restrictions. There are likely some content on social media and YouTube that you can’t access due to your location. At Proxyrack, we believe in an open internet where content is free and available to everyone. We have unique proxies to help you unblock the internet no matter the censorship.

Expand Your Audience

Only accounts with huge followings and subscribers on social media platforms and YouTube respectfully have influence. You can expand your audience and become an authority in your niche with the right subscriber and follower bots. With our IP whitelisting and username + password authentication protocols, you have two options to safely use your bot.

Scrape Data

A social media scraper can automatically extract bulk data from social media platforms; the same as a YouTube scraper. This can be account usernames, posts, or demographic data; all of these are helpful in market research. You almost can’t scrape data off major websites without proxies and we have the perfect residential proxies for such tasks.

  1. Why You Should Trust ProxyRack For Social Media and YouTube Proxies?

Unlimited IPs

You cannot run out of IP addresses to use with our proxies. We offer both residential and datacenter proxies with 5 million+ and 20,000+ IPs respectively. In addition, we give you access to over 2 million unique IP addresses per month. With any subscription plan, you can access all our proxies. Also, we support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, and UDP protocols.

International Servers

Our proxies are perfect for Geo-targeting audiences on social media and bypassing censorship. We have premium Geo residential proxies and global rotating datacenter proxies. You can choose from more than 140 different countries mainly across North America, Europe, and Asia. With our premium Geo-residential proxies, you can target countries and cities.

Rotating And Static Ports

Some social media and YouTube automation tasks will require long sticky sessions while others will require a different IP for each request. Whichever way, we got you covered. Our rotating ports are fast enough to switch thousands of proxies in seconds. Our static ports let you maintain an IP connection for as long as 30 minutes before switching.

High Speed

Be rest assured that you’ll complete all your tasks in record time. We offer large thread packages so you can complete projects faster than average with high success rates. Most of our proxy servers are hosted on 5Gbps nodes which are super speed nodes.


As a new customer, you have our risk-free full money-back guarantee protection. We’ll refund your money if you’re not satisfied after 72 hours of purchase. We only make use of private exit nodes so none of our proxies are public. You don’t have to worry about any third party interfering with your tasks. Furthermore, if perhaps you run into any challenges with our proxies, you can count on our reliable technical support.

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